Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Another Christ "

  The Apostle Paul was fearful   (1Cor11:4) that some followers would give place to preachers that would come, preaching, "Another Christ." The fear, was justified.
In Matt. 24:3, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus warns HIS disciples, that many would come in HIS name, and deceive many.
  His name: Jesus = servant. Anointed after being baptized, now means = Anointed-Servant.
Christ = Messiah, Savior; Jehovah is Salvation. Aka = The Answer.
The "A beast" system of Rev.13 is made up of individuals. It is a One-world-Political-system that controls Education, Economics, and Politics.
  A part of Education is the spirit and deeds of the Nicolaitanes. Christ admonishes in Rev.2:6 for hating their deeds as well. This Scripture means that the Nicolaitanes/spirit/deeds, were known. History shows this Cult was a follower of Nicolas = "one who conquers the people." Mankind in Gen.1:26-28 was given authority over everything - except other people.
  The Locust Army[5th. Trump/Rev.9] is upon us. The mass murders are not afraid of death, and are themselves under an anointing by their father - Satan. Because the West has followed "Another Christ" that they can seek refuge in: Santa, Bunny, Politician, 911, Idols, Religion, the Government,..
  Jn.5:43 I AM come in MY Father's name, and ye receive ME not: if Another shall come in his[It's] own name, him[It] ye will receive.
"I AM the Good Shepherd, and know MY Sheep, and am known of MINE."

Saturday, September 10, 2016


  The Good News: Immanuel-Christ-Jesus [ICJ] is Who He says that He is. Death sentence satisfied, and arose from the grave; just as the Scripture says.
Now it is our turn. We have the easy part. The Believers in ICJ must be about HIS business, and taking a stand for the Kingdom. Oftentimes its a lonely walk: but we are not alone.
  In 1Ki19:18 we see that the LORD has reserved seven thousand[7,000] loyal-servants. This Scripture is repeated by the Apostle Paul in Rom.11:4. Relevant: and enough for each continent.
Dan.7:21/Rev.13 speaks of war with the Saints. The horn is the Anti-Christ, the 1-w-religious-leader, that "prevailed". "All the world[chaos] wondered after the beast."
  The Anti-Christ-System[a beast/Rev.13:1] is upon us. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice[Prov.29:2]. A false balance is an abomination to the LORD[Prov.11:1]. What type of currency is being used? The Word says Gold and Silver: so does many National Constitutions. Point? Deception is the key to what type of System is in play.
  We must stand. Ephes.6 explains just who we are at war with. The Armor is Spiritual-Gear that we practice with, daily. Ephes.6:11 "Stand" - a verb. Make a stand, establish, immovable, steadfast mind.
6:13"Withstand" - to set one's self against, resist, oppose. All definitions from Strong's.
  We are "Sealed" inside our brains, know and practice the Truth. Rom.12:2 we would never conform to the world[chaos]: the battle - once was inside of our minds - but we have been "transformed, and renewed."

Monday, August 29, 2016

"It is finished."

  Initially when reading this short verse, "It is finished," the feeling came that a nap or nod had taken place? What was finished? What was missing?
This statement was made just before Immanuel-Christ-Jesus died on the Cross. Several Gospels record that this statement was yelled, in a loud voice.
  The pronouncement "It is finished"[Jn.10:30] meaning the objective was met: All [all] things were now accomplished that the Scripture might [is] be fulfilled. #1 The Law of Death[Gen.2:16,17] sentence was satisfied: period. The Cross of Christ will now be the Bridge that reconnect the Father with mankind. Satan is now defeated; It's death sentence will be carried out. No longer under the Law[singular] this is it!
  #2 The Temple-system made by hands is over; forever. The Veil of the Temple being torn from top, to bottom is a symbol. We became a Temple[Lk.17:21] that Christ-Spirit dwells in. Even through the millennial; no man-made-temples.
#3 Nailed to the Cross was all of the Blood Ord. and Blood Sacrifices of animals for Atonement, and Blood-covenants[Col2:14].
  Col.1:19,20 In Immanuel-Christ-Jesus the "fullness dwells." Christ attempted to explain to HIS Apostles in training; If you see ME, you've seen the Father. From the first Pentecost, Christ's Spirit has been present on the earth[Col.2:9,10] We are Complete - in HIM.
Col.2:12 Buried with HIM, risen with HIM through the faith ...
  The circumcision is no more of the penis, but of the heart of the mind. We have so much to be grateful for: walk in your new-found-freedom.