Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Thy rod, Thy staff."

Our LORD ask Moses a rhetorical question; one that we should all ask and answer for ourselves. "What is that in thine hand?" Moses replied "a rod." Moses the Hebrew of the Tribe of Levi spent 40 yrs. in the wilderness as a sheepherder, learning how to lead people. #1 tool/weapon - a rod. "Cast it to the ground." after several demonstrations, Moses picked up the LORD's Rod.
*Rod: she-bet [shay'-bet] from the root = branch off, a stick,; for punishing, writing, fighting, ruling, walking, correction. Moses employed the -LORD's Rod as a weapon and a tool.
Before King David was a king; he too was skillfully trained with sheep. He is famous for employing a sling and polished stones - that proved deadly for a bear, lion, and Goliath. In Psalms 23:1-6, David makes it perfectly clear: "The LORD is my Shepherd, I'm at peace, and Thy Rod*, and Thy Staff[club] comfort me."
Samson had the ability to make whatsoever into a deadly weapon or a very good tool.
In Nehemiah time; he was anointed to rebuild the Temple. His opposition was Bad-Figs[Serpent-Seed]. Neh.4 "He set the watch[24 hr. watchmen]. 16. Half of the servants worked, and the other half held both the spears, shields, bows, and the habergeons[coats of mail].

Thursday, April 14, 2016

" Cain "

  Cain was born the oldest twin; same mother[Eve], different fathers. Satan is Cain's father. The LORD attempted to accept Cain, but Cain and his offering was Not accepted because of his rebellious genes that have a difficult time worshipping: because It has an insatiable appetite - to be worshipped.
  "And Cain was very wroth." His countenance[facial expression]. After the initial training on how to present his "offering to the LORD, failing, then given a second opportunity to get it right: Cain murdered his half-brother Abel. This punishment: banishment -"cursed from the earth." Cain's inheritance of farming - revoked! A fugitive and a vagabond, for himself, and Children; forever.
  "The LORD set a mark upon Cain"[upon - a sign], once identified, he and Children are to be left alone[Gen.4,Matt.13:30]. Cain left the Eden area, and dwelt in the land of Nod[wandering]; which is East. The Oriental Tribe that Cain Married and fathered is called Kajin [Strong's]. The word Kajin also = the first child.
  This Tribe of Cain's descendants live out of tents and move around like Gypsies. They eventually show back up in 1Chronicles 2:55 as Scribes for the Tribe of Judah. The House of Rechab is also the same one in Jer.35. They refused communion with our LORD, because they are commanded Not to, by their father. Jer.35:11 explain how they ended up in Jerusalem while the Tribe of Judah was in bondage for 70 yrs. in Babylon.
  The "Two-Baskets of Figs" that were shown[Jer.24] to the Prophet, took place after Judah had been carried away to Babylon. These Bad-Figs are the Children of Cain[Kenites]. The discernment is in the "Mark" of Cain: look at the fruit, works, productivity. The Thief[Satan], and His son Cain, and His Children are a specific Generation. Remember Jn.10:10 for their only objectives.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Generation XXX.

Generation XXX is not so much about time, as it is about a specific group of People.
Believers have a Command to learn the Parable of the Fig-Tree, which goes all the way back to what took place with Adam, Eve, and Satan, in a Fig-groove: the act was XXX. "Study, to show thyself, approved."
  If your study-group is not of Rev.2:9, Rev. 3:9 type, relocate to one that is teaching the Truth - the whole Truth. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus first response[Matt.24:3,4] "Take heed, lest no man deceive you." One must possess the "Key of David" to - p r e v e n t - those "claiming" from deceiving us.
Abraham, the Father of many nations: Sarah, the Mother of one Nation.
  The Promised One came via Sarah, which birthed Isaac, Jacob/Israel, and the Twelve [12] Tribes that make up the NATION/HOUSE of Israel.
Those "claiming" are Kenites[children of Cain] aka Tares. Cain was fathered by Satan, and has It's rebellious ways down to the core. John the Baptist, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, and Lazarus, exposed them, just for us. "O Generation of Vipers. Don't think we have Abraham to our father.[Matt.3:7-9]"
  John 8:33 "We be of Abraham's seed." 39."If you were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham. 40.But you seek to kill Me. 44."Ye are of your father the devil..."
Matt.12:10 A "hit" was issued for Lazarus, after being raised from the dead. All Three; John, Christ, and Lazarus representing the Tribe of Levi = the real Priesthood: There oppositions were real-imitators, fakes, hypocrites.
  The word "Generation" employed when addressing these Religious-ones = a race, nation of "bad-figs," kin, seed, offspring, stock[Strong's]. Always look at the fruit: a bad tree can only bare, bad fruit. this is their body of "works" -"Murder, Steal, and Destroy.[Jn.10:10]."