Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Peace Vs. peace.

  Approximately eighty(80) percent of the mention of Peace in the Bible, is connected to good. We know that Lucifer/Satan is a covetous-copier: We must not allow ourselves, to be deceived. Let us be obedient to the Command of "take heed, lest no man deceive us."
  Peace = Prosperity, Quietness, Rest,...
This Peace comes from the Father, via our LORD and Saviour Christ Jesus.
Peace, from our GOD (Phil.1:2). Having made Peace, through the Blood,.. (Gal.1:20). GOD has called us to Peace (1Cor.7:15). Peace from GOD,... (Gal.1:3). Fruit of the Spirit - Peace (Gal.5:22).
  This Peace is ⬇= top, down, with Immanuel-Christ-Jesus in the Middle🔴
So what is peace? It's pseudo-peace!×6
It is also a code-word: a Seal/Sign for us to sit up and pay close attention: "for when they* say, peace and safety,.."
They* = the one-world-leaders: politicians, and religion.
  In order for the "peace and safety" platform to exist - there must be poverty, and chaos: preached by the same ones that caused the problem. Cain's m. o. has been in play for 6,000 yrs..
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: is the King of Peace (Heb.7:2).
No Jesus, No Peace: Know Jesus, Know Peace (author unknown).
Man can Not offer real Peace. We can however introduce others to the Mediator, Savior, and King of Peace - Immanuel-Christ-Jesus🔴

Thursday, September 27, 2018


  Many are aware of the high profile case against
Michael Jackson, and Dr. Bill Cosby: but forgot important details.
The world is watching the conformation-hearing of Judge Kavanagh. The three above cases are very similar: and very important.
  Allegations can be made, and the individual now has to disprove the allegations. Instead of credible witnesses or evidence; the accused reputation is pounded by many different accusers.
  Where have we seen this before? The pseudo-trial of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus(Matt.26:57-68, Matt.27:11-25).
They trumped-up charges against Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, with the intent of destroying HIS reputation, and murdering HIM.
  "Answer thou nothing?" = Prove yourself innocent🐐.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus several times exposed this pseudo-court as fakesters: Not of the Levi-Priest. Religious/Hirelings.
  We are admonished to put on the "whole armor of Christ, everyday." Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is "the green TREE" (Lk23:31): what was done to HIM, will be done unto us.
The same goat players and system from 2,000 yrs. ago, continues - today; aka a Seal/Sign.

Monday, September 17, 2018

A wicked copy🐐

  As the media over does it with coverage of storms: especially in the U. S. - one has to wonder what point is. The do have a point, and the media is attempting to educate (miseducate) the masses.
  The media📺 is controlled by the rider of the white horse of Rev.6:2. The key players are Kenites(Tares), This Generation, Naughty-figs,... The current Pharisees, Scribes, and Law-yers of 2,000+ yrs ago, never went away.
  Look for Lucifer's m.o.. Is.14:13,14 = It (Lucifer, Satan, Dragon, Tree of Knowledge, of Good, and evil), is a copy; a wicked one!×6
The media's reporting of the weather, is always connected to the Global-elite, which they would like to convince others that the weather can be controlled if we control Global Warming.
  Global-warming is a hoax, and a Copy. Mark 4:39 "Peace, be still."
I.C.J. issued the Command, as a result of a "great storm of wind, and rain, and a sinking ship."
The Thief (Satan) and It's children are continuing to compete with I.C.J. being WHOM he was ((GOD) in the Flesh.
  The wicked can Not compete: they are 🐐
Abraham sacrificed a ram (he goat) in place of a Nation.
I.C.J. put the Sheep on HIS right hand: and the goats on HIS left(Matt24:33).
"MY sheep, know MY voice."