Monday, September 17, 2018

A wicked copy🐐

  As the media over does it with coverage of storms: especially in the U. S. - one has to wonder what point is. The do have a point, and the media is attempting to educate (miseducate) the masses.
  The media📺 is controlled by the rider of the white horse of Rev.6:2. The key players are Kenites(Tares), This Generation, Naughty-figs,... The current Pharisees, Scribes, and Law-yers of 2,000+ yrs ago, never went away.
  Look for Lucifer's m.o.. Is.14:13,14 = It (Lucifer, Satan, Dragon, Tree of Knowledge, of Good, and evil), is a copy; a wicked one!×6
The media's reporting of the weather, is always connected to the Global-elite, which they would like to convince others that the weather can be controlled if we control Global Warming.
  Global-warming is a hoax, and a Copy. Mark 4:39 "Peace, be still."
I.C.J. issued the Command, as a result of a "great storm of wind, and rain, and a sinking ship."
The Thief (Satan) and It's children are continuing to compete with I.C.J. being WHOM he was ((GOD) in the Flesh.
  The wicked can Not compete: they are 🐐
Abraham sacrificed a ram (he goat) in place of a Nation.
I.C.J. put the Sheep on HIS right hand: and the goats on HIS left(Matt24:33).
"MY sheep, know MY voice."

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"House" 2018!

  House represents a dwelling place.
It can also represent a temple. Concerning the Word of the LORD, it represents both. The House also represent the Twelve Tribes, the Children of Israel.
  Just to be clear: Abraham = the father of many nations.
Sarah = the Mother of one (1, One) nation.
Gen.49:1 "Jacob/Israel called -His- sons,..." Twelve are listed.
Rev.7:3 "Seal the servants of -our- GOD in their foreheads,..." listed  are Twelve (12).
  Certainly their are more that know the end-time Prophecy that Jacob spoke over his Sons: and their are more than the one hundred and fourth four thousand that have been "Sealed" with the Truth - these are the leaders.
Of these, the Levi-Priest will be out front, leading the others.
  Ephes.1:4 HE hath chosen us,... 1:5 predestined us,...
1:12 We who first trusted in Christ. 1:15 Love unto all the saints. The description is of those from the First-Earth-Age.
Ephes.6:13 Gives a physical description of a soldier, geared up to fly❌, run❌, or to Stand✔.
  The WORD makes it very clear: "we are the Temple of the LORD."
"The Kingdom is inside of us."
1 Peter 4:17 Judgment (good or bad;reward) begins at the "House" of GOD.
Hopefully, those blinded by the light📺 (Rev.6:2), will Repent, and get their act together⏳.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


  It may appear that the earth is on fire, because of all of the physical events that are taking place, around the globe.
The LORD  has turned up the heat (trouble), and requiring people to choose their Father.
  A Righteous line has been drawn in the sand of life. There is no middle-ground. "A fountain(does Not) produce sweet and bitter water at the same place." And neither can we. What we produce (fruit) is either "sweet" or "bitter."
  The two baskets of Figs in Jer.24 are people. One basket was good (righteous), the other basket had "naughty-figs"
which in this case were Kenites (Rachabites;Jer.35:2). These are descendants(seed, generation) of Cain, who's father is Satan (John8).
  A tree is good or bad, based of the fruit, that it bares (Lk6:43). We are admonished by Immanuel-Christ-Jesus to judge the fruit. There are but two (2) Trees.
In the Garden was the Tree of LIFE: and the Tree of knowledge,
of good and evil.
  The Tree is good, or not: for the Tree is -known- by its fruit (Mat.12:33).
Look around the globe. Stop listening to words, and look at what people are producing. Their produce doesn't lie. Their walk is their worship: be careful.