Monday, September 20, 2021

Nothing New🚩

   What appears to be current events: are not. History is important - hopefully  we recognize, and don't repeat past mistakes. A serious one was in 1Sam.8 when the "leaders" demanded their own king. Our Founders of America had lived under a king, and realized that it was Anti-We-the-People. The U. S. Constitution, was to prevent a select few, from ruling the Masses. Over time Tares are planted, and manifest into a ruling class🗿 Executive Orders are key to Communism. The war between the States (11) was initiated via E. O.. Emancipation Proclamation, was an E. O. that did Not free all of the slaves. Suspension of Habeas Corpus, was also by E. O.. Gold Confiscation - E. O. 6102 was touted as an anti-hoarding measure: then the Treasury/UnfederalReserves politely ➖ hoards gold.  It is unsure who/how the "Greenbacks" were authorized, but they were issued by Treasury, to Finance Lincoln's war. The "Greenback" was a "Note" = iou 😕 Lincoln ran on the promise of "stopping the expansion of slavery." The First shots fired were in Charleston, S. C.🎯

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Example 🛡

 The Tower of Babel was a huge communist system. It started with Nimrod: who was rebellious, and hunted souls for its system. Nimrod was also an Idol: “ he put himself, before the LORD.” The breakup - The LORD simply confused the language, and their speech; and the people scattered. It takes generations to groom people to be slaves, or comfy on the Govt. Plantation. I highly advise all to re-read Gen. 10, and Gen. 11. “ No new thing under the sun.” 👣🛡

Friday, July 16, 2021

Situational Awareness 2021

   The wicked appear  to be coming "out." They are bold, confident, and proud. The global-elite  are in charge of all of the world (chaos ). The Courts, and Congress are spiraling  down.  The Courts and Congress are rotten: they can't be salvaged. 

These are "signs" that we should take heed to. Congress is to "make all (all) laws. The Courts are to insure that laws line up with the U. S. C.. Both Org.s have allowed a monopoly of the currency, 63 million aborted babies, and Agencies to control the people. 

2 Peter 2:13 they count it pleasure to *riot  in the day time. Matt. 23:1 Scribes  and Pharisees sit in Moses  seat. Vs. 3 "hypocrites." Vs. 4 they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be born, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them - with one of their fingers.