Saturday, September 16, 2017


  !×6 = Deception which is the "mark of the beast" System. Duped = deceive, trick. Apostle Paul ask the Galatians(3:1), who bewitched you? The sentence begins with calling them "foolish" which they were. And so are people that believe they are Christians - doing the work of Satan.
  Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus are to be Priest, unto the LORD(Ex.19:5,6-Ex:40:15-1Pet2:9). This appointment is Not from man.
In Leviticus(for Priest🔑)18:21 "Thou shalt Not let any of thy seed (children) pass through the fire(murder/sacrifice) to Molech(king-idol), neither shalt thou profane the Name(YHVH) of thy GOD: I AM the LORD."
  Only Fakesters(leaders) and Duped(followers) would be involved in the abortion-system. There are Two "thou-shalt-nots" in Lev.18:21. The second One: profane the Name of the LORD.
These Two also line up with the Ten Commandments.
  "Many will come in MY Name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many(Mat24:5)." Identify as Christians, claiming to have the answer. These are not connected to Thee ANSWER: period.
The Duped are actually dead.
  A violation of "thou shalt not" causes a fracture in our Relationship with the LORD. Gen 2:17 in the Day that thou eat (sexual-intimate) of It, thou shalt surly die.
This "die" a separation from the LORD, and under the authority of Death, aka Satan.

Monday, September 4, 2017


  In life (time), we all go through some things - we should all have some scars as a result. Scars are connected to stories: regardless of wet her they are physical or mental, scars.
  Scars. Forgive, but never forget the scar/story.
The Cross of Christ, was connected to purpose. A lot of hate was involved in the murder of Christ. A crowd(mainly Kenites) chanted "crucify Him" - "let His blood be upon us, and our children(Mat27:25)."
  The Apostle Thomas was not present when Christ-Jesus met with some of the Disciples: "Except that I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe."
  Apostle Thomas actually represent many of us: who are just to timid to speak their mind. Christ responded then, and will even now.
8 days later Christ appeared again, Thomas was present this time.
Then said Christ-Jesus unto Thomas: " Reach here with thy finger, and behold My hands. Thrust your hand into My side, and be not faithless." (Jn.20:24-28). Thomas response: "My LORD and My GOD."
  For many of us, the Scars told the whole story. The prophecy, the Life, the death, and the resurrection. The LORD  on the Cross " Father forgive them, they know not what they do." The Scars, stayed, even with forgiveness.

Monday, August 28, 2017

"Rule for Radicals"

  Rules for Radicals × Saul D. Alinsky, a book that credits Lucifer, and in courage rebellion against Socialism and Dictators: but encourages Communism, as "paradise."
  The word "revolution" is employed quite often in this book. These folk become an insurrection. The Author, and Teachers (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,...) are concealing the fact that Socialism is not good enough.
  Neither will Communism be good enough. The ultimate is 1-World-ism. Alinsky claim to be afraid of religion(which is a lie), because what they're pushing is exactly religion - with Satan, as their leader.
  We are witnessing the insurrection claim to be anti-everything. While looking to pick fights against haters, they themselves spew hate. The anti-everything groups are hypocrites.
  The U. S. became Socialist on 4.12.1861 with Lincoln's invasion of the South: which was a violation of the U. S. Constitution, on many levels. The transition into 1-worldism is not peaceful.
Whom is in the Shadows behind all of the revolution? Satan.
  "All whose names are not written in the LAMB's Book of Life, will worship the Dragon, the Beast(Rev13)."
Don't follow Radicals!×6😨