Thursday, October 23, 2014

" Strange "

  The word Strange was first employed in Gen.35:2 with Jacob stating to his family "Put away the Strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments". The word Strange in this Scriptures[Strong's] = foreign, alien, vanities. In Lev. 10:1 = to become estranged, to be alienated: read the results for yourself.
  In Deut. "They provoked Him to jealousy, with Strange gods". Remember the Garden has two Trees? One was not to be touched or become intimate with. Our Lord covers idolatry  in Exodus 20:1-7. "Mark anyone who says, or implies that this is not a reality today. His children hear, and obey!
  1Peter 4:4 "They think it Strange that you run Not with them..." This Strange = surprised or astonished by the strangeness and novelty of a thing: be shocked. This statement by Apostle Peter applied when it was said, as well as during this season. What Apostle Peter describes in the Scripture, is out of control people: identifying themselves as Followers.
  We must be able to discern the times and our feelings. The Gospel Armor is relevant during these times. Our feeling say that it is getting a little warm - which is perfectly o. k.. The fiery furnace has been cranked up.
  The objective: 1Peter 4:12 "Think it not Strange concerning the fiery-trail..." This Strange = another, not of the same nature, form, class, kind. We can acknowledge, but have no respect for Strange gods, period. It is different observing Rev.13 unfold all around us: we were designed to "Endure unto the end".

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


  During these times of ever increasing chaos, we must remind ourselves that there prophecy and purpose involved. The Word has prepped us for this season. What is on trail? Our Faith is. As Watchmen and Women we must stay focused.
  James 1:2 Enduring temptation: trial = test. James 1:13 Where does temptation comes from. James 1:14,15 Results of unchecked temptation. This could very well end in physical death, but surly in separation of us from our Lord: remember Adam and Eve.
  1Peter 1:7 "The trail of our Faith being much more precious than gold". The only one interested in by-passing the Christian-process, are Progressive-Christians. "If any lack Wisdom, let him ask the Lord". Many lack, and make up their own-or practice the "Traditions of men, which makes void, the Word of the Lord".
  As in the days of Noah... It is ridiculous to believe that trouble, test, and chaos is not existing. Mark 13:12 involves our youth, which is keeping funeral homes busy. The iniquity of parents is visiting down the line for those who Hate the Lord[Ex.20:11].
  It is the "Tradition of men" to treat our children as a gift: Christ Jesus made the correction. A "child that curses father or mother let them die the death. The point? People are being tested and are not passing because they have ignored the Study-Sheet. Our Faith should be on the Rock, and follow Him. The Holy Spirit is standing by with Righteous assistance - right now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Satan's Plan!

  Satan wears several hats, and has several names. Most think that Satan and Christ Jesus are equal, which is un-true: Christ Jesus[YHVH] actually created Satan-and ultimately will destroy him. Satan in the first heaven age was an arch-angel that was high ranking, and guarded the Mercy seat-that was occupied by Christ Jesus.
  The Mercy seat was coveted in Satan's mind, and immediately caused his exit: he tricked 1/3 of the angel to join him. They all are dead-spirits-talking. Satan downfall was he has an insatiable appetite for others to worship him. He is extremely rebellious, and wickedly cunning.
  Satan can comprehend the depth of God's love, for His people. Satan continues to under-mind the system of Salvation that is in place: beginning in the Garden. "Did God say; your eyes will be opened, and you will be as gods". This plan allowed him to have authority, and mankind to have a death-sentence over their heads.
  With Job we see him attempting to make Job "curse God, and die". With the temptation of Christ he offered the kingdoms of the world, if Christ Jesus would "fall down and worship me". The Tempter[Satan] is the master of short-cuts. His children[seed] are given charge of the world during this generation of the fig-tree: and we see the m. o. of their father in them.
  Satan incarnate, will have five[5] months on earth and will convince many that he, is the real Savior. He knows that Judgment has been pronounced but is convinced that a loving God will not destroy people-along with a wicked spirit. Satan's plan from the beginning is to control, or destroy. Satan can not save himself, or anyone else.