Thursday, December 18, 2014

The, Greatest - Gift!

  During this time of "celebration" it is good to reflect, dissect, and enjoy-the Joy. Christ birth was designed thousands of years earlier, to be a big splash. The Bible from cover to cover, speaks of Christ Jesus; and with His birth marks in time - Immanuel.
  The actual birth was the end of September; but the Creator of heaven and earth, legally entered time, with purpose. Christmas as a poor kid did not officially start until parents gave the OK for Nat King Cole's Christmas-album to be  played. After 5 decades, my favorite song on the album has been changed.
  Hark the Herald angels sing was written by Charles Wesley in 1739: It mentions Christ, has "reconciled" God and sinners. Hark = to pay close attention. To listen attentively. Herald = an official messenger, bringing news. Reconcile = to restore friendship or harmony, settle, resolve, a verb[Strong's].
  The Christmas Story, is actually a Christmas-Statement. God came into time to kick Devil butt: Christ introduced the Kingdom of Heaven on earth; and the Cross provided a bridge of "Reconciliation". The hypocrites that were behind Christ-Crucified had no clue that the death sentence that Satan had, was about to be satisfied-once, for all time.
  "Glad Tidings" - of the Kingdom of God. Gospel = a reward of Good[Glad] Tidings. Glad Tiding of Salvation through Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ was proved by His words, deeds, death, and resurrection - came to be called the Gospel, or Glad Tidings[The Companion Bible].

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Counting the cost!

  Christ Jesus in Luke 14:25-33 said to the multitudes, If any comes to Him to follow, and love their family, or themselves - more - than Him, could not be His disciples. Then Christ gave several examples of basic horse sense in reference to considering the cost.
  Our Lord has always been up front with Do, and don't do; Blessings of obedience-curses of disobedience; and in 1Sam.8:5-19 He spelled out the details for the Prophet Samuel to share with the leaders. Never the less, they chose to "reject" the Lord, and accept "their own king".
  Judgment always insure that people get good or bad, what they have coming to them: yet they can not blame anyone else for their positions in life. The first king of Israel, failed! Socialism/Communism/Centralized govt. has always, always failed.
  In the U.S.A. over the past 70 yrs. has changed into the U.S.S.A. - with the price tag of "rejecting" our Lord at 18,000000000000$ of debt. This is covered under Deut.28:15-68. Usury is a no-no, and this is relevant because the 18, and 12 zeros from strangers with a different Faith = this is bondage.
  In accordance with the Word, things in the world[chaos] will continue to get worse. Politics is a part of Centralized govt. and changing pieces can not help. A beast of Rev.13 is alive and has set the table for The Beast - which is the Religious One.
Rejecting our Lord, or putting ones head in the sand comes with serious consequences. We should all, Count the cost.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


  The practice, or application of Parables have been around for several thousands of years. Christ Jesus maximized Parables-and for very good reasons. This is one way to be wiser than the Serpent, and His seed, while being meek, or under-self-control. Interestingly, the world not only can not understand the Parable, or the definition.
  Oftentimes, the most precious, is hidden in plain sight - for those that can discern, or have Understanding. A Parable is an earthly statement, with a Spiritual meaning: also considered an allegory because it can have more than one meaning. The worldly-educated-Hypocrites of Christ Jesus day, could not understand any, or either meaning.
  Cain was trained to be a farmer, but was rejected because of his rebellion-to God[Gen.4:11,12]. The ground will not produce for Cain, or his descendants. This group refuse to open their eyes and repent, so Christ talks around them. The Twelve [12] Tribes that came through Sarah, can and do farm, even until this day.
  Matt.13:34 states that Christ Jesus spoke to the multitude in Parables, only! The world doesn't get it: they can not go around Christ: He is the only Savior. Hypocrites will die in their fakeness. Many Parables are given from an agriculture point of view. The man Adam[ formation] was a farmer.
  Mark 4 is a Parable of "The Sower". Mark 4:13 is the foundation for all of the other Parables. This one goes backwards to the Garden; which had No apples around. The truth is "X" rated, and for another blog. Mark 4:11 is a Vs. that should be applied, even today.