Monday, January 27, 2020


  Any day now! This group claim to be "Believers" or "Followers"  but are not.  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus  has told us all we need to know: follow/believe is a verb.
  "Faith, without works is dead." We are to know, and do. The Apostle Paul stated when ask to show his faith, he showed his works. Point? Busy-bodies are in trouble! We should always know what time it is.
  Sky-watchers are wasting time. The "fields are white, but workers are few." Re-new the times, because the days are evil.
  2. Thes.2:1.The coming of our (Our) LORD  Jesus Christ,...
Vs.2. Peace: Mentally and Spiritually.
Vs. 3. No to any deception⚫ that day (the LORD'S return) shall not come, except there come a falling (Apostasy) away - first. The beginning of the falling away started (1913), with leaders. The big falling away will be on the πŸ••πŸŽΊ, with Vs. 3, and 4.
Point? El-Satan, and the 1/3 Fallen-angels show up first. It's blind-leaders, fake-teachers, etc. will be in living color for the world to see and hear.
  Our LORD (Vs.1) returns on the πŸ•–πŸŽΊ.
When HE  returns, we should be busy "feeding HIS  sheep (Matt.24:42-46)πŸ”΄

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Parable of thee Fig-Tree

  "Now learn a parable of thee fig-tree" ➖ this is a Command  from Immanuel. This is also interconnected with Revelation 2:9, and 3:9 ➖ these are people: a specific ethnicity.
  Immanuel refers sixteen times "this generation." It is a good idea to know, what we are suppose to know! "It is blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." These are Kenites, Tares, Naughty-figs, etc.. They are the head of three of the four hidden dynasties, written of in Daniel.
  These are the children of  Cain: who was fathered  by Satan. The conception took place in a "fig-grove." The sex-orgy resulted in Eve being pregnant with twins: birth order; Cain first, Abel second. After Adam and Eve realize that they were naked, they made aprons of "fig-leaves" to hide the parts involved.
  "When ye shall see (Seal/Sign) all these things, know that it (It) is near." "And the Fifth  πŸ•” angel sounded🎺, and I saw a Star(Shield of Satan) fall from heaven unto the earth:..." This took place in 1948. This act also put the Locust Army on the move.
  Cain was cursed and marked: He and his children are "vagabond and fugitives." They become unwelcome because of their doctrine  to control or destroy: they become victims, then move on. Recent DNA test trace "this generation" for over five thousand years, from Eden, East, Europe, etc..
  Situational  Awareness: now you know!⏰
Gen.4, Jeremiah 35, Matt.24:32, Matt.13, Rev.9

Thursday, November 21, 2019

"The star"

  "The star" is is from Acts 7:43, and Amos 5:25 - 27. This is the planet Saturn: the six (6) planet from the Sun, and the second largest in the solar system (Wikipedia).
  "The star" = your star-god.
Wikipedia states that the number six in Judaism is the star of David = Magen/Megan David - a shield. I acknowledge Other beliefs⚫ This is now the most popular and recognized symbol of Judaism, and Jewish people: the universal symbol of Judaism (Wikipedia).
  Rev. 9, the fifth (5) angel sounded (πŸ•”πŸŽΊ) and I saw a star fall.
When the teen-David went up against Goliath of Gath: David did Not have a physical shield (1 Sam. 17). The LORD was with David, and the fight was the LORD'S.
  The Spiritual Shield that was with David  was the "Shield of Faith" (Ephesians 6:16) that Believers in the LORD, are encouraged to take up daily.
  It is late in the game of time. A stream can Not bring forth fresh  and  salt water. Nor do we pick grapes from thorns. No to the lukewarm people. Choose this day Whom you will serve. Get rid of the idols/idolatry.