Monday, August 29, 2016

"It is finished."

  Initially when reading this short verse, "It is finished," the feeling came that a nap or nod had taken place? What was finished? What was missing?
This statement was made just before Immanuel-Christ-Jesus died on the Cross. Several Gospels record that this statement was yelled, in a loud voice.
  The pronouncement "It is finished"[Jn.10:30] meaning the objective was met: All [all] things were now accomplished that the Scripture might [is] be fulfilled. #1 The Law of Death[Gen.2:16,17] sentence was satisfied: period. The Cross of Christ will now be the Bridge that reconnect the Father with mankind. Satan is now defeated; It's death sentence will be carried out. No longer under the Law[singular] this is it!
  #2 The Temple-system made by hands is over; forever. The Veil of the Temple being torn from top, to bottom is a symbol. We became a Temple[Lk.17:21] that Christ-Spirit dwells in. Even through the millennial; no man-made-temples.
#3 Nailed to the Cross was all of the Blood Ord. and Blood Sacrifices of animals for Atonement, and Blood-covenants[Col2:14].
  Col.1:19,20 In Immanuel-Christ-Jesus the "fullness dwells." Christ attempted to explain to HIS Apostles in training; If you see ME, you've seen the Father. From the first Pentecost, Christ's Spirit has been present on the earth[Col.2:9,10] We are Complete - in HIM.
Col.2:12 Buried with HIM, risen with HIM through the faith ...
  The circumcision is no more of the penis, but of the heart of the mind. We have so much to be grateful for: walk in your new-found-freedom.

Monday, August 22, 2016

An Open Marriage!

Gen.1:3 "Let there be light." The beginning of the Second-Earth-Age. People are born of women during this time to choose their Father: which One they will follow, serve, and love. This means that their are Two Fathers to chose from. Two is a symbol of choice.
Beginning in Gen. - Two lights. Two Trees in the Garden: Life = Our LORD. Knowledge = Satan.
Noah's Ark: Two of every sort. Rebekah and Isaac: Two nations in thy womb. Elijah challenge[1K.18:21 How long are you going to halt[jump/leap] between Two opinions.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[Matt.6:24 "No man/woman can serve Two masters..."
T-W-O is throughout the Word. Significance, GOD's math. Marriage. From the beginning of the Second-Earth-Age the objective was to be "fruitful and multiply: replenish the earth." Not sure where multi-wives came from, but the Word is clear from Gen.2:21-24 = "leave and cleave." "The Two are one flesh." The LORD repeats HIMSELF again in Matt.19:5,6; from Gen.2:21-24.
Inside the Kingdom of Heaven on - Earth: an "open marriage" does not exist. An Open Marriage" - is No marriage. One can only have an "Open Marriage" with Satan.


Friday, August 12, 2016

You are Here!

  Often times, maps will have a pin/arrow pointing to "You are Here." This is a part of situational awareness. Many false-leaders can Not acknowledge that they are here, because of the Traditions of men[Religion]. They are waist-deep in poo-trouble, but can't admit it.
  Matt.24:3,4 Tell us, when shall these things be? "Take heed that no man deceive you."
Col.2:8 Beware lest any man spoil [destroy, useless, perish, unprofitable] you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men [Religion], after the rudiments of the world [chaos] and not after Christ.
  Everything concerning Satan, Kenites/Tares, Hypocrite[Fakes]-leaders is built on deception: everything. Matt.24:9 "The beginning of sorrows." The deception are like labor pains; they intensify, as time between the pains - decrease. Time is being sped up. Nature itself knows: and so should we know.
  The world of chaos speaks "one language" just as in the large wicked system of the Tower of Babel. The world language today= Fiat-Standard of Fake currency: this is the "a beast" - One-world-Political-system of Rev.13:1-3. Seven heads = 7 Continents. It is the Antichrist system.
Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus should not participate in this System.
  If any man attempts to point out where the True Christ is, don't believe them[Mat24:23-27] Not.
When Immanuel-Christ-Jesus return, the sun and moon will be dark; Christ will be a Bright light that comes from the East, going West, and the entire earth shall see HIM.
Point? Fakesters will increase, and intensify their game. The Antichrist-system is upon us: You are Here! Lets roll.