Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Called by My name"

  Global-warming is a money-transfer-scheme that is interwoven with Idolatry. Situations are getting uncomfortably warm, in the world[chaos]: necessarily so. Our LORD has His finger on the thermostat; and is in full control.
  Our LORD speaking [2Chr.7:14] "If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves,..." Name? Israel = GOD prevails[Gen.32:28]. Not!
"Call His name Immanuel."Is.7:14. = GOD, the One True GOD, Jehovah.
"Thou shalt call His name Jesus." Matt.1:21; Luke 1:31. = Hebrew - Joshua. Anointed.
  All the Scriptures of Old, mentions Immanuel-Christ-Jesus! Anointed Servant B.C.[before the Cross]. Anointed Savior A.C.[after the Cross]. GOD incarnate.
One has to have Revelation from the Holy Spirit, just Who Christ is: then the Holy Spirit gives us our true identity. We are to be Followers of the Creator of Heaven and earth.
  "Called by My name." Believers. Fishers of mankind. Christian, etc... These were the Levitical-Priest under Aaron[Ex.19:5,6] and a Royal-Priesthood[1Pet.2:9]. First being a Tribe; the second being a Nation - throughout the earth.
  "Called by My name." = Upon whom My name is called. That is the body of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. We are to be the answer in the earth today. We are the ones that the LORD "will hear from heaven, and will forgive our sins, and heal our land." We are the Temple: the "Sanctified House - forever." 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Most Effective Range!

  In 1.Sam.17 we see a detail description of an enemy of the LORD, and a anointed-one who exposes, then destroys the enemy.
We read that the Philistines armies were gathered for battle, on land that belonged to Judah: and Goliath of Gath was their spokesman and point-person.
David, at 16,-17 yrs. of age, overheard Goliath talking trash, and was offended.
  David knew the cause. He told Goliath "I come to thee in the Name of the LORD of host, whom thou hast defied." All this assembly this day shall know that the LORD Saves not by sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD's and HE will give you unto our hands."
  When Goliath moved, David -ran- to meet him. While closing the distance, reached into his bag, and took a stone, and slung it, and smote Goliath in the forehead, and Goliath fell upon his face to the ground. Davis
ground. David ran to Goliath, took Goliath's sword from the sheath, and cut of Goliath's head.
  The Scriptures states that Goliaths large shield/man was out front; and Goliath was armed with a large spear. David ran towards Goliath caught him by surprise, then David out maneuvered the shield and attacked before the spear could be employed.
  Every weapon ever invented has a max. effective range: but what about the Most Effective Range! The Holy Spirit knows. "Our Weapons are not carnal." Ephes. 6 explains our weapons; and just like David, we too should be experts with them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Thy rod, Thy staff."

Our LORD ask Moses a rhetorical question; one that we should all ask and answer for ourselves. "What is that in thine hand?" Moses replied "a rod." Moses the Hebrew of the Tribe of Levi spent 40 yrs. in the wilderness as a sheepherder, learning how to lead people. #1 tool/weapon - a rod. "Cast it to the ground." after several demonstrations, Moses picked up the LORD's Rod.
*Rod: she-bet [shay'-bet] from the root = branch off, a stick,; for punishing, writing, fighting, ruling, walking, correction. Moses employed the -LORD's Rod as a weapon and a tool.
Before King David was a king; he too was skillfully trained with sheep. He is famous for employing a sling and polished stones - that proved deadly for a bear, lion, and Goliath. In Psalms 23:1-6, David makes it perfectly clear: "The LORD is my Shepherd, I'm at peace, and Thy Rod*, and Thy Staff[club] comfort me."
Samson had the ability to make whatsoever into a deadly weapon or a very good tool.
In Nehemiah time; he was anointed to rebuild the Temple. His opposition was Bad-Figs[Serpent-Seed]. Neh.4 "He set the watch[24 hr. watchmen]. 16. Half of the servants worked, and the other half held both the spears, shields, bows, and the habergeons[coats of mail].