Friday, February 17, 2017

"Endure to the end"

  "Endure to the end" are Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, in Matt24:13. Calming medicine is knowing, deep down inside of your knower, that Satan as the Fake-one, appears at the triangulation  of 6 Seal, 6 Trump, 6 Vial. All should locate the "6" in Rev./KJV..
  Living in time, will get heavy: Quickly realize that we are under the wrong yoke (Matt11:28-30). Come unto ME, all (all) that labor  and are heavy laden...
The Scripture is addressing service, labor, the heart (core of the brain), to learning, and rest. This is diametrically opposed to Religion.
  Eccl. 9:11 The race(life) is not to the swift, or the battle to the strong. But time and chance (stuff happens) to them(us) all.
The World (chaos) is out of control. The invitation into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, continues to be available - until It's not!
  Focused on Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Know the Grace and Mercy are with you. The Peace that surpasses understanding, is for you, and for Unbelievers to see and desire.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Future is Female"

  The above title was quoted by H. R. C. This week. She is not talking to the average Female she is talking up the base of insurrectionist. When seeing this aired for the first tome, it came as a reminder, from long ago.
  These Radicals are worst than Atheists, or Communist. They are willingly working(Mat24:19) for the One-World-Religious-System. Atheist are Believers: in Satan. Only Two Trees in the Garden - only Two Choices.
  "Future is Female" is a Seal (sign) for Christians. 6 Seal. Mat24:37,38 As in the Days of Noe (Noah), marrying,...
Women + demons = giants, lawlessness, and extreme violence.
The Female radicals are operating under the power of "Knowledge"(Gen3:4,5), given by Satan.
  This power allows Females to go around men, husbands, and even our LORD. "You will be as gods." The wicked Knowledge opens eyes.
It is important that Women (1Cor11) keep their heads Covered. For a single, adult Woman, this Covering is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Underage, it's the father. Married, it is the husband.
  The fallen angels/demons are coming back - soon. The Radicals are worshipping their father via their conduct, and encouraging, It to come (Rev13:4).
Watchmen/Women: stay faithful.⏳

Friday, February 3, 2017

"Wax Cold."

  Why all of the hate? The world (chaos) has always been out of control: the question, is directed to Church - folks. Our LORD continues to ask the same question: Adam, where art thou?
Situational awareness is always relevant. We must insure that our stance, is not on top of a pile of 💩.
  Eyebrows don't rise anymore that over 50,0000000 babies have been aborted in the U. S. alone. This is cold bloodied.
The relationship that some have with animals crosses the line. Animals, in many cases are treated better than fellow human beings.
  It appears right on schedule that People are rejecting 1-world-ism. This is causing friction. "Wars and rumors of war" is the world war, against the Kingdom of Heaven: ongoing for two-thousand, and seventeen yrs..
  This is the prelude to "whaling, and gnashing of teeth. Some would rather scream and grit their teeth, instead of Repenting!
Matt24:12 And because (on account of) iniquity (lawlessness) shall abound (multiplied), the love of many shall wax (grow) cold(inert in mind, Cold personality, a cold mind).
  Many Churches are filling up for funerals, only. These morgues are servicing younger, and younger: which is a sign of Judgment.