Tuesday, September 16, 2014


  Hornets are very mean-when disturbed. They are employed as a good example of something that God created, with a purpose, and best to be left alone. Intentional, or by accident, consequences quickly come for those or things that violate Hornets business.
  Image a very large Hornet's nest: the occupants are very ticked off. Invoke nationality, ethnicity, or religion, then violently insert a hand. The results are predictable. What about taking sides in the Hornets domestic disputes? Or attempting to convince some of the Hornets that they should help, in fighting against some of the other Hornets?
  Hornets have never written the U.S.C. concerning "Common Defense", but are ready and willing to inflict the maximum amount of pain, on anything that threatens their home. Not many things in life, hits as hard and fast, as a Hornet.
  Hornets never brag about their speed, or offer to let others see their stingers: however, most hit by a Hornet, never forget it. There are a group of people that carry themselves just as Hornets do: they should be respected and left - alone. Friends? Not interested!
  Many claim father Abraham in their bloodline. Some are flat-out lies[John8;39]. Abraham, Sarah, and the handmaiden produced Ishmael: ignorance of his history has proven to be deadly. Many in the West do not have a clue Whom their enemy is - or how or what the Standard against the enemy is.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Shaking!

  Without faith, it is impossible, to please our Lord.. When the Word declares in Is.24:13 the "shaking as of an Olive Tree" this a symbol for one group. Hebrews 11 covers faith very well. People that claim to be Followers are not listening or Believing.
  Our Lord promised to scatter the Descendants of Sarah throughout the earth-done. Because of a loss of identity, this group doesn't have a clue of their heritage: and have become quite comfy in their lives. But God!
  What does a Shaking look like? Look around. 1Kings 14:15 - a "Shaken" and "Scattering". Do not over-look the word grove in this verse. Shaken = a motion produced by the winds, storms, waves etc. To agitate. To move. Agitate the mind, to disturb one.
  Groves was a special place of Idol worship of Ashe-rah goddess: Easter came out of this. Sluggards enjoy entertainment at the expense of others - sports has become the religion of choice. It is not personal, or chance that sports is being Shaken.
  Matt.11:7 shows that their are plenty of shaking, shaky, shaken people on the earth: They thought John was another one of them. A reed shaking in the wind; whichever way the wind blows... The Truth grounds us. Too many waver, or aimlessly wander; moving to and fro, fluttering.

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Know the Truth"

  There is deliverance in the Truth: but bondage for those that do not know the Truth. And bondage, if a select[elite] few know-but refuse to share the info. Once upon a time, authorities would state that "ignorance, is no excuse". The plantation is required to keep its occupants ignorant. There is freedom, and protection in the Law, given to Moses.
  The Truth is Christ Jesus: Christ Jesus, The Tree of Life, Jehovah, YHVH is the One Who gave the Law to Moses - often referred to as the Mosaic-Law. A part of the Priest and leaders responsibilities, was to teach the people the Law. No one could pea ignorant!
  Christ exposed the Fake-leaders 2000 years ago. They practice the "Traditions of Men" aka "Common Law". Mankind established what is truth; it is usually anti-people. The Law was changed when Fakes entered the Priesthood during Ezra/Nehemiah time.
  What does a miss-educated society look like? Just look around. Especially at crime and punishment. Take a close look at the prison system; bondage for life - in or out. Too many laws and regulations to keep up with: the people can not know the rules, and live with a large ? over their heads. They are always in violation, of something.
  Common-Law is not of our Lord: the goal post constantly moves. Serfs are required to be in the dark concerning the Truth. Following Christ closely, requires freedom, beginning inside the mind. Light and darkness can not inhabit the same spot. No man-made-law will ever be fair, or Righteous.