Monday, April 27, 2015

"Two Masters"

  "No man can serve Two Masters" which is simple but true. The word serve is a verb and can be employed in two different ways - good or bad. There is no, neutral-ground here; we are all in service to someone, something, somehow.
  The deception involved is the bad-system has done a fairly good job of getting people to believe that they are free: they are not. Especially when it comes to Religion[Satan's tool], which means = to return to bondage. Reminder: Immanuel-Christ-Jesus came to set the captives free. Death in the Garden, deceived freedom, and our personal contact with our Creator, from them; but restored by Christ-Jesus.
  Two Masters! Our Creator requires mankind to "freely" chose to serve HIM, during this earth-age. El-Satan left out the word "freely" in the Garden then, and now, because He employs deception to gain followers. Service to One of these Masters is required: it is impossible to serve both. "In Spirit and Truth" to GOD [El-o-him]; or working spreading wickedness via physical work or financing the Dark-One-world-System.
  Deut.28 has clearly the "Blessings of obedience" and the consequences of disobedience. The disobedient-one automatically fall servant to the Prince-of-the-world.
Our LORD knows our heart; and where our heart is. Our treasure and hearts will be located - together[Matt.6:21]. Believers treasury should be inside the Kingdom of Heaven - right now.
  The world right now serves their Master via debt. Just in the Caesar-System alone is 18,000000000000T.$ I.O.U.s of debt floating around: but its connected to everyday activities and the service of people. The time is now, that people can Not by, or sell, unless they have the "Mark of the Beast".

Saturday, April 25, 2015


                                "GOD is LIGHT, and in Him is no darkness, at all."
It is paramount to get the above Truth in up front, as well as in the closing; the world of chaos - is Dark: it is Dark-owned, and operated. A sad report is that, the Darkness became more intense over the past 102 yrs. - and gets darker, by the month.
  Satan is the king of chaos, by his own choosing. He and his followers[fallen angels] have an assignment to complete, with the end results for them being the death-penalty. We are living in the Generation of the Fig-tree: which are a Nation/Ethnicity of the wicked one's kids.
  Lucifer [heaven name] saw, and beheld GOD face to face in the first-Heaven-age; yet rebelled.
Cain was fathered by Satan [earth name], yet GOD attempted to adopt him into the fold: Cain rebelled. The Nation of Cain descendants appear to have come out from all over the place = because this is their time.
  One from this wicked Nation[banker Meyer Rothschild],  "give me control of  a nation's monetary system, and I care not who write their laws." In most civilized nations that have a Republic-Form of Govt., with Three-Branches, the Legislators write the laws. This group of bankers are the Central-Planers of "A-beast" [Rev.13:3] that is upon us.
  Darkness = metaphor. employed as ignorance, or rebellious of Divine things, and its association to wickedness; and disassociation of GOD. The" Rulers of Darkness of the world[chaos]" have been shown. The table has been set for them: but we are to remain pure Virgins as the Bride of Christ-Jesus.
                               "GOD is LIGHT, and in Him, there is no Darkness, at all."

Thursday, April 23, 2015


  Flood is first mention in Genesis, but lastly in The Revelation of Christ Jesus. Ironic that the first and last Book of the Bible employs a Flood; no. Satan has been, and always will be a copy: and can not keep up. Why Satan? Because he is involved in both of these Floods.
   Gen.6 gives the details of what caused the Flood of Noah's time. Fallen angels married and  produced giants with women, a tremendous amount of corruption and violence during that time. 2Peter2:5 for more details.
  This Flood was regional-specific, with the objective of destroying this wicked-world of Chaos. This Flood took place approximately 3,200 yrs. B.C. [before the Cross]. Flood = an overflow.
Is.59:19 switches from physical to another type of Flood. "When the Enemy shall come in like a Flood..." Dan.9:6 is similar, with the same Flood: "and the end thereof shall be with a Flood".
  Dan.11:22 "with the arm of a Flood." This is the White-horse; he is armed with a bow - with no arrows. His Flood is lies and deception. This is the current situation in the world: The Generation of Figs are in control, and miss-educate - readers, listeners, and viewers. They repeat lies so often "that it must be true."
  A-beast [one-world-system] release a Flood that comes after the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. The Flood gets worse because The-Beast releases from His mouth big lies and deception against the LORD's Election: these are the 144,000. The earth helped the Elect-ones by opening up, and swallowing up the lies/deception[Rev.12:12-17].