Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 The "Thorns" mention by Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, in Matt. 13:3-7, are people.Thorns are mention in the Garden (Gen3:18) are a part of the curse on Adam, and his descendants. Thorns are the descendants of Satan/Cain,... Idolatry/Religio(bondage) are the center of their lives.

What curse? Gen.2:16,17 - "don't touch (intimate) the Tree of knowledge of Good and evil." The moment you do, you die. This death is seperation, from the Father. Un-Repentance continues the seperation to this day. The Thorns are a reminder of the seperation/curse.

The Kenites(descendants of Cain) "platted a Crown of Thorns" and put it on Jesus Head: this was a Religious act, and a symbol. Jesus was a subject of Satan and It's children. Crown of Thorns were used by kings and victors.

Today, Agencies, Corporations, Movie, Tv., etc. are controlled by Kenites/Tares/This Generation/Naughty-figs,... They are practicing Idolatry/Religion. Social - Justice is Satanic!×6

Wealth, Ethnic shaming, kneeling, criminal's name on uniforms, etc. is a Crown of Thorns. People are being "mocked" - being played, deluded, deceived. These are acts of submission, and worship = Religio🕠🎺


Monday, August 24, 2020

Pale - horse❗

    The Pale horse is Satan. It's  spirit is present on the earth today: the Antichrist - system is upon us. There are seven (7) Seals I Revelation 6. These Seals/Signs are seen by those that are able to discern the time.

The rider: Death, Satan, Lucifer, old' Serpent. It's primary weapon - disception and fear. Objective: to be worshipped. Ezekiel 28 Lucifer (1st. Heaven age) said in It's heart, "I am a GOD." The Serpent in the Garden seduced them with lust: "ye shall be as gods."

 Matt.4:9 lust shows up on the high mountain  ➖ from Satan just as It did in the Garden. "All these things will I give Thee, if THOU will fall down and worship me." The rider (spirit) of the Pale horse prepare the people for Religion😷.

Socialism/Communism  = worship Satan. Social - Justice worship Satan. Any Faith that attempt an end and around Immanuel-Christ-Jesus = worship Satan. The "wide-gate" is actually w.i.d.e. the system is financed by"in god we trust $$. 

  Know the Truth: stay in a relationship with the Creator of our Souls. Put on the Armour of Christ, daily. Don't answer the call of fear, lust, or disception⚫

Friday, August 7, 2020

"Our LORD"

  The coming of - our LORD Jesus Christ: and by our gathering together unto HIM.

Let no man deceive you😷. This first from Immanuel-Christ-Jesus in Matt. 24:4, and reiterated by HIS  Apostle Paul. Everything  that satan, It's angels, and ambassadors do, involves deception.

That day ➖ the coming of our LORD🕖🎺,shall not come until after the "falling away" (apostasy) and the man of sin (satan) be revealed🕕🎺.

Satan is the head-idol; the Psudochrist. A religious leader.From the First-Heaven-Age, It has an Insatiable appetite  to be worshipped.

Not a mystery anymore. 👣 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus🔴

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