Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Nation angainst Nation"

  An appointed time, that Watchmen, and women should pay attention to: "Nation shall rise against Nation, and kingdom against kingdom." What is not being said, is speaking loudly. Thought, Wisdom, and Discernment is required.
  Note: this Nation, is not plural-it is only Two involved here. This Dan.2 where the wicked One is attempting one-world-ism. It is an attempt to mix iron and clay, which these Two people; or Nations, will not mix.
  Matt.24:7 is speaking of civil-war. The low intensity civil-war has been brewing for over 6,000 years, and is heating up. There have been wicked triggers that our Lord has stopped: such as a negative video tape that was to stir up one Faith against Christians.
  Nation = a multitude associated, or living together; of the same "nature" or genus. The nature of the children of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, is on full display. They violate all of our Lord's Don't do.
  Rev. 13 states that the "whole world" follows the Beast. It is becoming apparent which leaders[kings] have taken Satan's offer[Matt.4:8,9], and appear to be prospering on their father's gifts. Wicked Nations can Not invoke peace. As a follower of Christ Jesus, we can. All others? "Repent".

Monday, July 21, 2014

Flys, Gnats, Vultures, oh my!

  In the Spirit, and in the natural, there are all sorts of bells and whistles going off: these are warnings for mankind to separate themselves from the world[chaos]. 2Cor.6:17 states very clearly to separate ourselves-the unclean? = Idols.
  James 4:4 Friends with the world[chaos], enmity with God. This enmity goes back to Gen.3, and only a fool would pretend that it doesn't exist. We must stop following the masses, because they are the "wide gate" that leads to destruction.
  Wide gate? This is lead by federal agencies which work for the king [1Sam.8:5-19]. Over the past 100 yrs. people have been given a choice to follow: the doctrine of W.E. B. Dubois-government is the answer. Versus Booker T. Washington, individuals, are the answer.
  Christ stated, Where the Vultures gather, that is where the bodies will be: these are real walking around bodies/people in this earth age, that have separated themselves from their Creator. They have been deceived. Half are active in Idolatry, the other half are awaiting a ride out-that will never come[Jn.17:5].
  People can be deceived, especially by Blind Leaders. Flys, Gnats, and Vultures, not so much. The animals and insects have senses just like humans, but do not rely so much on their sight. Their noses rarely fail them. Take a good look around-smell where we are standing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They-R-Here !

  The followers of Christ Jesus, are required to know the parable of the Fig-Tree. Look around; we are the Generation! Those that criticized Eve, are repeating the same mistake/sin: what part of "Don't touch Satan" is not understood?
  The doctrine of the wicked One is to over-ride the Word of God[Jehovah], by giving irresponsible one's permission. A pattern of kids is to seek approval, and blame. People, however have the Gift of Repentance - for a while.
  The Generation that we are now in, has been given to the "Bad-Figs" [Jer.28]: this is their time. The Children of the Tree of Knowledge are calling the shots, and their Daddy has been given Authority, over the world[Chaos].
  The permission to do your thing, goes back to the Garden: it picked up speed in the early 1900s, and shifted gears in the 1960s. Every where one looks, there are destabilizing forces against decency, and order, which is intended to start, and fuel fires.
  The Tares[Matt.13:36-40] are allowed by God to grow together: they must be identified, and left alone. Fake leaders are not going to admit, or acknowledge this appointed time, because many got the timing wickedly wrong. Look around, or listen to the state-media, They-R-Here.