Monday, February 8, 2016


  In Dan. Chap. 2 The king had a dream - but could not remember it. His fake-wise-men caught a death sentence for not being able to recite the dream; then interpret the dream. Daniel was able to do so, only by the power of the LORD. Vs.22 "HE reveals the deep and secret things: He knows what is in the darkness[minds], - and the light - dwells with HIM."
Some secrets are encouraged: Matt. 6:4-18 deals with alms, and prayer. These should be in private; with a public reward. We either get the reward/accolades from man, or from our Creator!
In Mk.4:22, and Luke 8:17 we see that nothing[no thing] is hidden from our LORD, and all will be made manifest.
Our LORD warns us to be careful of the Enemy's #1 weapon = deception. This is regarding Blind-leaders, False-prophets, Hypocrites[religious].... These folk swear or take public oaths - then take another oath in private; that is Anti-Christ, Anti-people. I. E. Politicians.
                          Our LORD-Christ-Jesus, will judge the secrets of men[Rom.2:16].

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Deadly Wound"

  Rev.13:1-4 mentions "a beast" - which is the one-world-political-system: that appears to be complicated, but is not. The take away from this = "and upon his heads the name blasphemy."
The Dragon [Serpent, Satan, Lucifer] gave the system his power and his seat [throne]  and great authority.
  Then one of the heads appeared to be a deadly wound. This wound is a result of Truth: which is anti-deceptive. It requires supernatural power to convince people that this system - is the Savior/Answer. Then the whole world[chaos] wondered [marvel, admire, wonderful] after this system. The people unknowingly worshipped the Dragon, which gave power unto the system.
No one can make war, when all are One!
  The system owned and operated by the Thief [Jn10:10] has recently been uncovered. The murder, stealing, and destructiveness of the Kenites/Tares has been revealed and their world is undergoing a serious "shaking." The wealth of the wicked is being transferred back: claim your inheritance from two-three generations back.
  Ephes.6:12 explains just who we are at war with. The Enemies camp is open to recover the great substance that has been stolen, and people have died for. Claim it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Laws respecting Religion!

  " Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion."  This is the first, of the First Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Our Founders knew exactly what they were doing: this was to prevent a federal-religion, which they were coming out from under in Britain. Religion was a part of the kingdom!
  The root for Religion - religio = to return to bondage. Immanuel came to destroy Death, which is the Devil, and It's #1 tool, Religion. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is seeking those that " worship in Spirit, and in Truth." The First 5 of the Ten Commandments deals with Idolatry/Religion.
  Everything about Satan's agenda, from the Garden, to Rev.13 has been about Religion: deception has been It's key. In modern times from the I.R.S. through Global-Warming, it has been about Idolatry/Religion. Wicked laws, and wicked Executive Orders have caused iniquity on the land.
  Dan.3:5 When the music played, the people were to fall down and worship the golden image. A violation of this law meant death for Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. Dan.6:5-11 the law was to prohibit praying to any God but the king, for thirty days: Daniel received the death penalty.
  Dan.2 describes a great image[system]. This system is top-heavy, and built upon a fragile support of Clay[Christians] and Iron[Religion] that are intermingled via deception and force. It doesn't last.
Religion is Anti-Christ, and Anti-People: why waste our time fooling with It?