Friday, February 24, 2017


  The KJV is close, but not perfect. The few missteps, can easily be seen by a serious Student. In Elementary school, reading was taught that one must identify the Subject, and the Objective. This extremely important for the KJV of the Bible (Holy-Books).
  The Subject from Genesis - Revelation is: the LORD.
The by various Names. The Gospel of John chap 1 is very clear and True. In the beginning, was the WORD. The WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD. In Genesis 1 where GOD is; should be Elohim: which includes the LORD.
  1 JN.2:3 If we know HIM, keep HIS Commandments. HIS Commands are throughout the KJV.
Moses ask the Burning-Bush Who should I say sent me? The reply - "I AM." I Am = YHVH, JEHOVAH, LORD.
Apostle Peter answered an important question from the LORD, and we're all informed that "flesh and blood didn't reveal the Truth, only My Father in heaven...
  We have the Holy-Spirit/Comforter(Jn16:7-14).
Rev1:1 The Revelation - of Jesus Christ... 1:2 Who bare record of the WORD of GOD, and of the Testimony - of Jesus Christ...
  The objective. That all mankind would repent, and accept forgiveness, and have a Relationship, with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Endure to the end"

  "Endure to the end" are Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, in Matt24:13. Calming medicine is knowing, deep down inside of your knower, that Satan as the Fake-one, appears at the triangulation  of 6 Seal, 6 Trump, 6 Vial. All should locate the "6" in Rev./KJV..
  Living in time, will get heavy: Quickly realize that we are under the wrong yoke (Matt11:28-30). Come unto ME, all (all) that labor  and are heavy laden...
The Scripture is addressing service, labor, the heart (core of the brain), to learning, and rest. This is diametrically opposed to Religion.
  Eccl. 9:11 The race(life) is not to the swift, or the battle to the strong. But time and chance (stuff happens) to them(us) all.
The World (chaos) is out of control. The invitation into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, continues to be available - until It's not!
  Focused on Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Know the Grace and Mercy are with you. The Peace that surpasses understanding, is for you, and for Unbelievers to see and desire.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Future is Female"

  The above title was quoted by H. R. C. This week. She is not talking to the average Female she is talking up the base of insurrectionist. When seeing this aired for the first tome, it came as a reminder, from long ago.
  These Radicals are worst than Atheists, or Communist. They are willingly working(Mat24:19) for the One-World-Religious-System. Atheist are Believers: in Satan. Only Two Trees in the Garden - only Two Choices.
  "Future is Female" is a Seal (sign) for Christians. 6 Seal. Mat24:37,38 As in the Days of Noe (Noah), marrying,...
Women + demons = giants, lawlessness, and extreme violence.
The Female radicals are operating under the power of "Knowledge"(Gen3:4,5), given by Satan.
  This power allows Females to go around men, husbands, and even our LORD. "You will be as gods." The wicked Knowledge opens eyes.
It is important that Women (1Cor11) keep their heads Covered. For a single, adult Woman, this Covering is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Underage, it's the father. Married, it is the husband.
  The fallen angels/demons are coming back - soon. The Radicals are worshipping their father via their conduct, and encouraging, It to come (Rev13:4).
Watchmen/Women: stay faithful.⏳