Friday, March 27, 2015

The Pass-over!

  The Passover is of Christ. It was YHVH[Jehovah] that spoke with Moses from the burning bush; and gave directions to Moses on deliverance of the People. I Am[Jehovah] gave detailed instructions on the first Pass-over in Egypt. Because of ignorance, or deception, many Christians do not practice the highest - Holy - Day of the year.
  The Pass-over begin with the House of Jacob, as they were preparing to exit bondage. The details should be re-read by all during this time of the year. The Spring solar Equinox marks the beginning of the new year - then at sundown on the 14th. day - The Pass-over.
  This so named because death would recognize the lamb's blood, and Pass-over the house: which worked B.C.[before the Cross] but now A.C. [after the Cross] we are covered by the Ultimate-Blood; once, for all time. However, It must be invoked.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is our Pass-over. The evening before Christ-Jesus was to be crucified they ate "The Feast of The Pass-over." This is an application of Obedience, Faith, and Communion. All blood Ordinances were nailed to the Cross: the wine is a symbol of Christ Jesus-Blood; which was shed.  And the bread - His Body, which was broken.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus kept the "Feast of the Pass-over" and so should we. This is for the Followers of Christ-Jesus: everything else is a sorry copy by "play actors"[Hypocrites] who are determine to destroy via deception. Exodus 12 gives the details for what our Creator expects from us: leave the UN-believers alone to practice their idol-worship - especially on this High-Holy-Day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


  The four-little-kings of the world [chaos] are; in order: Education, Economics, Politics, and Religion. Cain's offering to the LORD was rejected because it was Religious; and had nothing to do with Faith, Obedience, and Relationship. Everything that the Principalities[Satan, Cain, Tares] touch, has an end-game of Idolatry[fruit].
  Global-Warming is a win/win for the Powers of Darkness because after miss-educating the people, they themselves are financing the Global-Agenda of bondage: via triple-taxes, and fake-currency. This man-made problem only occurs in Democracies [Socialist Nations], which are a part of "a beast" system of Rev13:1-3].
  Global-Warming is Anti-We the People. Global-Warming is a part of the Anti-Christ-System.
This Vain, Vile, Generation[fig tree] "Who changed the Truth of GOD into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature[Satan] more than the Creator." Remember: "Ye shall have no other gods before ME."
  Psalms 107:25, 29 He makes the storm a calm .... For He commands, and raised the stormy wind.
Mark 4:37-41 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus spoke, and the violent wind and waves were calmed. El-Satan knows Who the real Weather-Man is: the best that the Rulers of Darkness of this world can do is copy and deceive: they are the ultimate-copy-machine.
  The U.S.C. Bill of Rights, Amendment 1 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion." This was to not allow state-sponsored Religion, that was controlled by a king. For this, the Global-Warming-Religious should be sent packing.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

_ Bless you?

  The _ Bless you should be filled in with GOD[YHVH], but quite often, it is not. Not everyone has the authority to represent the Creator of the Universe in this way. Acknowledgement should be made for the other gods [Idols] of the world[chaos]: why? Because the fake-ones are blessing too.
  Ex.23:7 The GOD of heaven and earth states that "the wicked, will Not be justified." There are some that have been deceived, and do not know who the Enemy is: they kill[spiritually, and physically] the righteous and the innocent, and get involved in false matters.
  Ex.23:7 covers much: including individuals and nations that have formed alliances, and informed others on who is in, and who is out. This includes religions; such as the Federal Reserves, who spread their religion around the world - and employ the military to expand their empires.
  The Prophet Jeremiah was a true prophet of the LORD and spokesman - against the Tribe of Judah. They had fallen into idolatry:  just as today. The LORD had pronounced judgment: just as today: but the fake prophets convince the leaders that Jeremiah was a fake, and not-supportive of the wickedness that was going on - just as today.
  The "white horse" of Rev.6 has been released. Those who control the artificial lights and the podiums today, are of Matt.4:8-9. The devil is the head of these Principalities and authorized to "give." Be careful of those saying _ Bless you because it may not be our LORD. All are not spokes-people for our Creator.