Saturday, August 29, 2015

" Easy Yoke"

  " My yoke is Easy" is the Words of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus[I.C.J.], that are real, True, and a key.
Matt.11:28-30 is an invite from the Creator of Heaven, and earth. Some via Revelation, and some through frustration, will accept this Devine invitation.
  The first step of Salvation is John 3:16, and Rom. 10:9: We must BELIEVE that Jesus-Christ is Immanuel[GOD with us]; He died on the Cross to satisfy the Death-penalty from the Garden; and He is the King-of-the-Kingdom on earth - right now. There is but one way to Eternal-Life; or to the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now = Christ-Jesus!
  The Kenites/Tares had a 70 year head start in Jerusalem while the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin serve time in Babylon. The Tares set up Religion[Bondage] and I.C.J. constantly exposed them as Hypocrites[fakes].
" Come unto ME, all ye that labor and are heavy laden[Religious folks], and I will give thee rest."
Following I.C.J. is easy: We become One, sharing the yoke.
  The yoke of 2015 was pronounced in Deut.28:48, but the Hypocrite leaders can't, or dare not explain the situation as Judgment: many of these Leaders place the yoke on their followers. They speak more on the "Rulers of the darkness, of this world[chaos]" , than of Repentance, Grace, Love, Prosperity, and Peace.
  The world is just the opposite of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I.C.J. requires faith/belief in HIM; then we are to live as Redeemed. The Righteous-Judge will separate the Sheep, from the Goats. Look around; whose taking care of the " least of these?" Centralized govt. nor Religion count[Traditions of men]. Tired of urinating into the wind, or swimming upstream: wrong load.

Monday, August 24, 2015


  " Reset" is a word people will be hearing, and witnessing a lot of , starting yesterday. Those that are familiar with the Word, have absolutely, nothing to fear or worry about; for we know the m. o. of our LORD. There is a " whole lots of shaking going on."
  Reset = set again, or differently. Students of the Word have actually read of this process many times. The man Adam, and Eve[8th. day Formation] had the Reset-button pushed on them because of an intimate relationship with Satan; that was completely forbidden.
The same can be said for Noah, and the wicked fallen angel that had embedded themselves around Righteous-people: and produced Nephilims - aka giants!
  The House-of-Israel got themselves into much trouble because of their complaining, and hard-headiness, along the path to the Promise Land: it caused a Reset, that caused them to walk in circles until over 99% of them died off; never making it to the Promise Land. There are many other similar facts, to support our LORD's hand, and HIS use of the Reset-button.
  Dan.2 shows seven-kingdoms[Reset] with the last, lasting Forever. We have been advised to build on the Solid-Rock which is Immanuel-Christ-Jesus; which is the only Foundation that will last: all else is a sand-house!
The Progressive-kingdom is founded, operated, and supported by Satan; which goes back to the Garden. It appears all-powerful; but is a kingdom, built on sand.
  " Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness[in order], is " Endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights." The 666 which is the " Mark of the beast = deception: which deceives the people into believing that these Rights come from the Progressive-king.
                  Because of the current situation - the Reset-button has been pushed!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"A Wise-Woman"

  Women have God-given power-of-influence. Some women know what needs to be done[Prov.31] and do it; quite often with joy, and in peace. They are a Blessing to themselves, their family, and their community.
  There are many Women-of-Wisdom throughout the Word; this particular one comes from 2Sam.20:16, with the context beginning in 2Sam.20:1-22. Her name is not mentioned, possibly because it is not important: her actions, were very important!
  King David had under-gone several civil uprisings. One from his own son - Absalom,  and now Sheba, the son of Bichri: King David issued a death-warrant for Sheba.
The Kings men tracked Sheba to a town called Abel, and surrounded the town. The men cast up a bank against this fortified town, and begin to batter the wall, to knock it down.
  Then cried "A Wise-Woman" = ethically, prudent, skillful. From inside the city, " Hear, hear = listen, understand, yield to, summons; X2 - Desperate. A KEY - I pray you, unto Joab = Joab, Jehovah is Father: Also the name of the David's nephew; a General in David's army. Come near here, that I may speak with thee.
  " Art though Joab? " "Hear the words of thine handmaid."  "In old-times-saying; they shall surely ask council at Abel." I am one of them that are peaceable and faithful in the House-of-Israel: thou seek to destroy a city and a mother in Israel." General Joab said to this Wise-Woman, " deliver Sheba unto us." The Wise-Woman said " Behold, his head shall be thrown to thee over the wall." Then the Woman went unto all the people in Her-Wisdom. And they cut off the head of Sheba, and cast it over the wall: and so they ended the matter.