Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current Events.

Actually what appears as current events are not at all. Where we are on 9/30/2010 has been in the making for approximately 6,000 yrs. If we read the same books that our leaders read,then we correctly conclude that they are intentionally attempting to "crash" the system. Dr. Larry Bates states in the New Economic Disorder that" the reality is we are at war. The war is raging right here on earth. It is a war of world views. The Kingdom of God is being viciously opposed by the kingdom of Satan. This war is real with very high stakes-the salvation of Mankind". The timing of the Health Reform Law taking affect, and a lack of a 2011 budget, and Congress leaving a question mark over a large tax increase all combine to lead me to believe that something serious is apon America. I am convinced that between now and 1/1/2011 is time to be prepared for the worse and continue to pray daily for this Country and our leaders. Overseas in Japan and China the green back is on life support-this is also a warning to prepare for the possibility of our currency going to money heaven. There are two "bubbles" left to burst-money and the govt. going bankrupt. Take heed.

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  1. This is very good rebels, I agree with you 100%