Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Will

The world system has taught us that we always have choices. In school I learned to master multiple choice test, and eating out at buffet style restaurants. Even in Church we are given many choices. Soound the alarm right now. Free Will and being a Free Thinker should be used with much caution if at all. Under graduate studies focus on teaching students to be Free Thinkers. The belief is that freedom or slavery is in our minds. One should consider where these doctrines come from.

In Gen.2:16 The Man Adam was Commanded n o t to have anything to do with Satan, especially intimately. In Gen.3:1 we hear the lie that Satan uses to get close to Eve. In Her response She uses the word Freely. Here's the deal-Our most important choice in this earth age is to choose Jesus Christ [ Tree Of Life ] or not. After picking and serving, and worshipping the #1 God then He allows us to make some choices on our on.      Stay connected to the True Vine and ask for whatever you need. Whenever ther is doubt, always choose Life. Faith T Works.

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