Friday, September 10, 2010


In the Garden there were two foundations that oppose each other. Later in the Word we find this to be Jesus Christ and The Satan. The man Adam was given a Commandment to not touch Satan or Adam would die [Gen.3:3]. To touch is to become very intimate[I'm being nice] with. Both Adam and Eve were found guilty of violating this Commandment,which has never been rescinded.       Satan has knowledge that is usually all flesh and open one's eyes to become like gods. Cain also had this knowledge and so does his children that are on the earth today. It doesn't mater the wealth or education,people with this knowledge think very highly of themselves. This knowledge is connected to the world and Death just as God said,and it is true even today.  These people know, but chose not to be obedient to the Word. Just like Cain-he knew what the standard was but was determine not to follow the standard.  Watch and stay away from those who walk contrary to the Word of God.There knowledge come from little g; Ours come from big G. There objective is to have us all worship the little g, which violates the first 10 Commandment. You shall have no other god's before Me. PS. Jesus caught our death sentence, if You believe in Him.

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