Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mike Crane for Congress

I support Mike Crane for U. S. Congress to represent Georgia's 13th district. I believe a person has a past, history, resume', for a specific reason. To me it is a potential road map for the future. As a canidate why show pictures of activities but no involvement. Mr. Crane has current eye witnesses of His involvement in Church and Business. He has made a Righteous stand for God, and the Constitution. He has listened, and He can read. Now is not the time for phoney photos or to convince people that one can listen and read if it has'nt been practiced for years. Mr. Crane fully understands We The People own the steering wheel, and We The People need it back. The steering wheel does not have a D or a R on it; It only has We The People on it.I am conservitive, and served in the Army under President Ford, and Carter. My conservitive record goes back to the 70s. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of The United States of America. There is not a statue of limitation on that oath. I am calling all American to answer again. All Vets. All Georgian. If you are in the 13th cong. dist. I am asking You to help me Honor my oath to protect The Constitution against all enemies, abroad and home grown. Meet me a the polls in November.

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