Friday, September 10, 2010

Salvation from a Man

One of my favorite Scripture is Jer.17:5-11. Cursed is the man or woman who trust in man. The Word of God teaches us how to pick leaders. After picking them we are required to continue to pray for them, if we wont peace in our homes. Verse 6 says the cursed will not see when good comes. In my opinion they were consumed in complaining and missed the good.     Psalms 1:1 says a man or woman is blessed when they do not walk in the council of the ungodly. Man cannot save us. Only Jesus can do that. We must chose leaders by Gods' standard, and check our flesh. Let us all stop complaining and enjoy the moment. Life has speed bumps, so slow down and keep going. We are here on assignment so stop wasting time. Jer. 17 says God knows our thoughts and test our minds. The man before, the current one, or the one to come cannot save us. Spend time with the only One that can.

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