Sunday, September 5, 2010


Now there is one scarry word-socialism. We keep hearing that we are moving towards Socalism more every day. The fact is we became a socalist country almost 100 years ago. Because of deception we allowed ourselves to become duped. In 1 Sam.8 the leaders ask the Prophet Samuel for a King. Samuel's response in the Companion Bible or an old Strongs Concordance is"This thing You ask for is wicked". Anytime we allow anything to come between us and The Father, it become an Idol. Which is a violation of the first Ten Commandment; Idol worship is forbidden. Proof of socalism; The federal reserve system and the IRS. 50 million aborted babies,of which many were paid for with tax dollars. The four Little Horns in the Book of Daniel are; political, economics, education, and religeon. The table has been set for the six trumphet/kingdom. As the federal reserve is embeded with the IRS so should We be with Jesus Christ.   Faith T Works.

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