Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Support The Constitution

Jeremiah 17:7, Blessed is the Man or Woman that trust in the Lord. Verse 10 says The Lord searches the mind, and try the reins. This is important even as we cast our votes in private. The U.S.Constitution is a Spiritually Inspired Document. Satan doctrine in 2010 is the same as it was in The Garden. Deceive, lie, or destroy the Word of God. We have far too many RINOS that have placed the Constitution and the Republic into the toilet. After being elected they pick and choose when to mention the sacred Document. They subtlety start referring to America as a Democracy.  The damage has been done to The Constitution and our Republic,but it hasn't been destroyed,,,yet. The Constitution doesn't cover two thirds of the things in play in America,so let us cut them and the politicians out. The damage was done in Nov. 2008, and again with the health reform takeover. I voted for Dr. Allen Keys not knowing how far He would go. God has sent a lot of decent people our way that were rejected by us. Let us as a Nation Repent for trusting in man for Salvation. He knows our minds and He is testing us, even in the voting booth.  The Tea Party has it Right. The republican party is offering the same thing the dems are offering just packaged a little differently.

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