Sunday, September 5, 2010


With all the talk about first Ammendment Rights concerning Religeon, I looked to My old Strongs Concordance for Truth. The word " tolerence " is not in there. Know what that means? It is not in the King James Bible. Sin = 1st Cor5:1-13, Evil = 2cor.6:14-18, Error = 2John10,11. Just a few Scriptures for home work. If one has not been tested on the subject, I promise that You will. Tolerence is Not a Christian Principle. This doctrine is a secular humanist and crept into the Body by weak teachers who are concerned about good feelings vs. freedom and Truth. Jesus said His Yoke was easy; If it is not Jesus we need to put it down. We are nearing the end of the Fifth Trumph, just in case anyone is concerned with the Time. Daniel 2:32-45; the image had 7 Kingdoms. God struck a weak spot and the image fell. This was the end of the 5th Kingdom. Establish Yourselves on Righteousness. Be careful of deception. keep the Faith.  Faith T Works.

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