Monday, September 13, 2010

Worldly Wisdom

Every day there is an increase in the disconnect between people.Christian's that attempt to apply their faith are considered in a special sect. Attempting to explain our belief in our Creator or The Constitution is met with the feeling that we didn't progress past cave dwellers.  Those power hungry,socialist who know what is right in their own minds,have been educated by Satan.The Tree of knowledge is Satan. Gen.2:16 we are Commanded not to become intimate with Satan,lest we shall surely die. Gen.3:1 says Satan was more wise[subtle] than any living being,and we read where He lied to Eve.He also questions in order to test where we are.Gen.3:4 Satan has no shame in calling God a lie,then sexually seducing Eve with evil worldly power. The Strong's says 'wise' in Gen.3:6 is intelligent; Knowledge guided by understanding.  This is the motivation for Progressives, to Socialism, to communism, then collapse and start the process over again. When Our Father tells us not to covet,it is for our on safety. It is uncontrolled greed that cannot be satisfied. When people follow Satin's doctrines they will surely die. Death is choosing to be apart from our Creator. Stay clear of those who knowingly violate God's rules. Identify a Tree by the Fruit it bears.

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