Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Land of Nod

Most of our modern day Churches have unknowingly following Cain, instead of following the instructions of our Creator. Able demonstrated his learning through Faith. Cain took something that was the product of a curse, that wasn't his first, nor best and presented it to Jehovah as a sacrifice. After murdering his brother he went to the land of Nod; which is wondering. Most Churches sat quietly while the people are burden with excessive taxes, then attempt to convince the flock that they can Tithe. God Commands us to stay clear of Satan, and to not have any other god before Him. A Tithe is the First and the best. By the time we get to church the tithe is long gone to little g. Cain got into trouble for attempting to offer the Sacrifice in a religious,but his own way. God is after our best, and He will bless the remainder. God had no respect for Cain's offering nor ours. Jude 11 Abel's was the First Fruit. Heb.11:4-it was brought by Faith. We have two choices. If what we are doing is working for us,then keep doing it. If not we must follow the instruction of Big G and come out of the land of Nod. Please don't confuse the above with love offerings and building funds-I am specifically talking tithes here. Faith T Works.

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