Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Anointing.

Bishop E.L.Long has been in the media concerning serious allegations. I personally believe that people,especially Christians should not get involved or comment on maters of which they know not. On the street this is referred to as overloading your donkey with someone else manure. After knowing the Bishop for 20 yrs. the only criticism I have of Him is that He did not protect the Anointing as well as He should have. The Anointing = God's Blessing or Call on a person's life for a special purpose, to be king, prophet, builder etc. The purpose is to further God's Kingdom through Jesus Christ. Before I continue,I'm raising my right hand and pleading guilty to the same offense. 1 John 2:20 says we all have an Anointing and I thought my specific Anointing would be the Point Man for others. God is trusting us that we will safe guard it just as Joesph safely took care of baby Jesus. The Anointing I have is not for President Obama, Entertainers, or for Entertainment. The only difference between the Bishop and I is my correction was in private. I'm afraid for those that do not learn behind closed doors because God can take it to another level. The point-get busy Saints handling Your own Anointing and leave Bishop alone. Faith T Works.

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