Tuesday, November 30, 2010


From the beginning of time, we all must make choices. Tree of Life [Jesus Christ] or Tree of Knowledge [Satan]. Jesus said Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and its Righteousness, and everything else would be added. The end of Rom.1 talks about people who worship the creation instead of the Creator. Under that doctrine they will eventually convince people to buy asbestos under-britches to protect against the Eternal Flame to come, just as with the Tower of Babel. Adam chose death. Jesus or Barabbas? This one should not have been close. However the people had become comfortable with a murderer and his freedom was worth more than sparring Jesus. The Word says " Don't kill the innocent or the righteous ". This is a golden opportunity to look around your own mind and soul search. Repent if necessary for not one bad life or death choice that we have made, but consistently making the wrong choice. Starting today I promise to do better, especially with my tongue. I know better than most that I will give an account of all idle words spoken. Duet.30:15 we are admonished to always choose Life. We can not delegate or put our heads in the sand any longer-We must make the correct choice. Faith T Works.


  1. What if we make bad choices for most of our lives, then attmpt to make better choices?

  2. Are all Scriptures obsolete? Nobody teaches this way anymore.