Sunday, November 21, 2010


In the first Heaven Age Satan got the worship thing wrong and received a death sentence. He wanted to be an Idol. In the Garden of Eden, the Man Adam, and Eve again slipped on the Idol worship and death entered into all mankind. Jehovah personally worked with Cain to show him the required standard for worship-He failed and died [banished]. Judgement fell the same way at the Tower of Babel, and through out the History of The Hebrews.      Satan is the Son of perdition because He is a dead spirit talking; Judgement has been pronounced. Death is being out of the presence of Our Creator. Mosses and David messed up big time but never with Idol Worship. Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children receive a death sentence because They would Not be a party to the crime of idol worship. There is a gene in each individual to submit, serve and and to desire to get along. We are referred to as Sheep for good reason. The gene should be sensitive to the True and Only Living God. Jesus said " My Sheep Know My Voice, And Will Not Respond To Another ". If You are uncertain about Life and Death, there are Saints in the earth today to assist you with Truth.  Death is separation from Jehovah and it is totally un-neccessary.  Faith T Works.


  1. This is very good knowledge. This kind of info should be available to the masses. If any of this is incorrect, someone should challenge this based on the facts. More power to you.

  2. If this stuff was true, why is it not being taught by our Church leaders? No offense intended, but someone has not been honest. Whoever is writing these opinions remind me of a street preacher. No audience.