Monday, November 1, 2010

Right Standing

I have recently become very frustrated with church folk who say; I would rather see a sermon than to hear one any day. In my mine i am thinking, who died and left you in charge? As the Body we must grow past Children Church and walk in wisdom. The Prophet Isiah stated that the coming Messiah would Not judge by seeing nor hearing, but with Righteous Judgement. As a super Spiritual person, look in the mirror and pronounce I will be the sermon. Righteous=in right standing in a relationship. If unsure of what it takes then ask the other party involved what it takes to be in a right standing relationship. We are saved by Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, then comes the Works. Follow the Rules of Our Creator, plant Seeds, Feed and Water to those in need, visiting the sick and incarcerated... Let us not be as Cain was by doing something in a religious manner and it not be acceptable before the Lord. Jesus declares a time when He Religious folk to get away from Me, I know you not. Let us all cut out the Children Church, and put on our mature under- britches and be the sermon. Faith T Works. [Faith, Christ in the middle,get to work]

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