Friday, November 19, 2010

The Tower of Babel 2010

The Tower of Babel in Gen. 10:8-11:7 is very comparable to America today. Nimrod was a mighty Hunter before the Lord. The beginning of His kingdom was Babel [confusion]. He Hunted men, and was able to get people on one language and one speech, and they built the City and the Tower. The brick is symbolic for the people that are all the same. Nimrod made Himself a name. = Manifesting independence from God. He was a Rebel Leader. This is comparable to America today in that we have leaders that are Hunting Souls. They have declared independence and are seeking those to worship them. When God says Behold the people is One;that's Communism and Judgement was immediate. God also spoke in 1 Sam. 8 that Communism is wicked [King James,or Strong's ]. Back to America. Our hireling Shepard's are the ones leading the sheep to Idol worship and they need to stop and repent. Wake up from the slumber and sleep. Take heed that no Man deceive you. In Samuel the people were looking for flesh after rejecting God-that is what He gave them. The only thing positive they could say about Saul was; He was tall and a good looking man. Come on Church I know we can do better. Faith T Works.

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