Monday, November 8, 2010

Work or Labor?

Until yesterday I actually thought Work and Labor were so close that these two words were interchangeable. In the Word, Labor is connected to the curse in the Garden. Men labor by the sweat of their brow. Women Labor to give birth. The Hebrew word is also connected to servitude and slavery. The Hebrews were blessed to go to Egypt, but overstayed and ended up in a Labor camp.   Work on the other hand is what we are ordained to do. It is connected to ownership. Have you ever noticed that a truly successful person doesn't go around attempting to convince others of what Works for them. They are quite happy to explain when asked. The Body of Christ is not to Labor in the Gospel, but to Work at it. Proverb says "All Labor is profitable". A good question is profitable to who? If One want the maximum return for their efforts He must take Ownership. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Indeed it is.Want in? Rom. 12:2. Renew the mind. Jesus said occupy till I Return, and that means occupy till He return. If we've been doing anything else we should Repent. Faith without ..... is dead. I am confident that this fill in the blank was passed-now get to Work.

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