Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Gold Mind [Brain].

With the current price of gold at an all time high and silver at a 30 year high people are asking good questions. Yes you should own metals and it is not too late. Through out the Bible it mentions Gold and Silver. Our U.S.Constitution says Congress is the only one to coin money and Gold and Silver was it.Metals are the best way to "store" ones labor.It represents wealth,and the free market and it is an asset. The One Thing It Is Not-an Investment. The Bible and Constitution intended Gold and Silver,mostly Silver to be currency/money. As Christians we must continue to work in our own Gold Mine by knowing the facts and the Truth. God Commanded us from the beginning Not to become intimate with Satan. Satan's Children were the "money changers" during Jesus Ministry. World Bankers including the Federal Reserve Bank are the current day "money changers". Kenites are children of Cain, who was a child of Satan. Jesus said "how can you tell if a tree is good or bad? Look at the fruit that it bares."Greenbacks represent debt.They are a Note which is an I.O.U. They must continue to move to benefit their creator.Around the world there is talk of dumping the dollar. You keep working in Your Gold Mind and everything is well. O snakes.

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