Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adam, Where Are You?

America was founded on Christian Principles and in accordance to the U.S. Constitution,a Republic Form Of Government. We have three [3] Branches and a Country of Laws.All of our Founding Fathers believed in God,and the majority believed in Jesus Christ.Even with our leaders going astray and our Shepherds losing their way,We The People remain Faithful and Strong.This is a Christian Nation.This is a Christian Nation. This is a Christian Nation. In Proverbs it says " Every man should know the state of his flock". What is the state or situation in America in 2010?Through the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. in the early 1900s we became a Social Democracy.People often say we are headed towards Socialism-news flash. We are already there.So where does Satan,Cain, and there Children attempting to lead Us into?The answer is in Daniel and Revelation .A One World System.The Four little Horns from Daniel are political,education,economy,and religion-all controlled by one organization.Our assignment is to fight the system [Ephes.6] then afterwards take a stand.Don't bless or wish Godspeed to a wicked system lest we partake in the punishment.God Commanded Adam To not Touch Satan......Where Are You?

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