Monday, December 20, 2010

An Antichrist

In the first Heaven age,Lucifer desired the Mercy Seat but quickly was kicked out.God said when the thought rose up in Him,that He was guilty.He needed to be worshipped without being the Perfect Sacrifice,and would have to destroy Jesus.This same M.O. took place in the Garden of Eve. It continued through Cain. Just as Nimrod at the Tower of Babel was,in need of subjects to worship him. We are in the Kingdom or we are hunted as victims of Nimrod. Jesus said "and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.It is not just the Truth-It is your knowledge of the Truth that will make you free.All the leaders that are moving the world towards One Central Government oppose Christ. All the "rules" in Our Father's Owner Manual are for Free people,for self governance.Anything opposite Our Father is an Antichrist.At the end of Rom.1,Paul talks about a group that would rather worship the creation rather than the Creator.The Epistle of John says that Many Antichrist had gone out from among them.These c a n n o t confess that Jesus has come in the flesh. Be careful of deception and those hunting souls.Be careful not to follow the crowd into idol worship.Many haters of Jesus,but seek your worship.

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