Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Companies that I indorse.

I read a book in the 1980s titled " In search of excellence ", however I do not recall the author. Quite often this high mark is not obtained but that doesn't prevent me from trying. The other standard that drives me is what would I do for no pay? Will you do it for no thing? That leads to this blog, it may not be great but is my best,striving for excellence,and no charge. Jesus said I have received freely, so give freely. Hopefully everyone has noticed the advertisement for Bullenger's Companion Bible, Northwest Territorial Mint, and The Road to Serfdom.These are not paid sponsors, but companies that I have personally purchased from and believe in.You want and need to know what is going on-read.Want to be a servant/servitude/slave, then don't read. I was tormented in the gym this week by healthy men talking[cackling] about movie stars and athletes for a solid hour. I had to restrain myself from asking what book have you most recently read? When Jesus was question on certain topics, His response was Have you never read. The Holy Spirit will bring things back to your remembrance but we must give Him something to work with.  In 2011 let us walk on one accord with The big G and speak some things into existence-put our Angels to work.

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