Monday, December 20, 2010

Is the Tree Good or bad?

Today I read that many politicians in America are upset over an inheritance tax. One said,they didn't do anything to deserve it so it should be taxed. We were for- warned in 1Sam.8 that this would be a problem when the people want their own king and reject Our Creator.Several places in the Word the inheritance was seen as a good thing.Prov. says a righteous man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.This is physical as well as spiritual.Either one,the children should not start off on zero.Some one should be speaking Life into them.Tell them who they are in Christ and prevent them from going into the "land of nod"-wondering.The current world leaders are guiding us into The New World Order,which is code for One World Socialism. With an Elite ruling class to govern the rest of us under their demonic system.Through regulation and taxes the noose is slowly being tightened.Rev.2:9 hear what the Spirit of The Lord is saying.The Lord is saying through His Word that the Antichrist system is upon us. The transfer of wealth is through the Federal Reserve,I.R.S. I.M.F. and W.B.O. Chances are that Your local church has bowed to one of these organizations. Answer = Look at the Fruit that it Bears.

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