Thursday, December 23, 2010

Promises, Promises, Promises.

When I was a child,I thought Jesus was Black, and from N.W. Atlanta,Georgia. That was my world when I was a kid. My prayers went from me as a child to Everyone on this plane as a Paratrooper. As a City employee I found myself praying for the City and the State,America,and our leaders.Now with an International audience,especially the Netherlands,My prayers have increased.   Mankind is on the earth to choose between Fathers.We are towards the end of the 2nd. earth age. Our Creator is not to force our love,but allow "free will". From Gen.1:1 through Rev. 22:21 there are many Promises. Only one catch; they are connected to something else. They're conditional. Many can quote Deuteronomy 28 as the blessing... of what? Obedience.Those seeking unearned prosperity often quote Matthew 6:33.It says get your priority correct, and seek a Right Standing relationship with The Creator. Throughout the Word it is the same method.  I preach Repentance. My prayer is that all viewers and followers of Christ Jesus are Covered under the Blood of Jesus. All those who attempt to kill steal or destroy or enslave will be ensnared by their own traps and make Restitution 30 times over. Jehovah's promises are real and true and kept. Amen.

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