Friday, December 3, 2010

Recommended Reading

The #1 Book that I recommend reading is The Bible. I also use an old Strong's Concordance. If using a Bullingers Companion Bible,most studies can be completed without a Strong's. I love History and Current Events. Recently I read Stories from the Desk of a Bullion Banker,The Coming Insurrection,and The New Economic Disorder. These Books are priceless to me. I google Booker T. Washington to check in with my hero approx. once or twice per year.In my opinion He is the Greatest American Educator. If one is interested in how Pres. Obama thinks, google W.E.B De-Boise.It is very noticeable that both these Men met but couldn't influence the other's way of thinking. Booker T. Did it correctly. He was Conservative and solicited private financing.He believed in freedom. W.E.B. was a Communist that believe in the Gov. taking care of people and everything being equal. He believed in the "talented tenth". He was a supporter of the most wicked women in America-Margret Sanger.She is the Hitler to Blacks. I love to read,and can clearly see circles/patterns to where we are in 2010. Eccl. says there isn't anything new and I agree. I believe G.B. is a watchman on the wall.Keep reading and being faithful, Fire refines.

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