Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which Plantation?

We have all been warned of becoming slaves to sin. I listen to crazy conversations on a regular concerning political parties. Apostle Paul and others admonishes us to pray for our Leaders,especially if we desire peace in our on homes.King Solomen says not to as much as whisper  anything wicked about the King. There are several places in the Word that teaches how to chose leaders. As followers of Christ we have not followed the Directions then we cry out for help.In the future we should cry out for help,and follow His Directions.Our Father has made it perfectly clear, how He feels about Socialism/Communism. To the Saints-let us stop playing games when it comes to our Souls.Because we can not continue to say that I know the Word but not "do it".The world is watching us.We can be the most super-spirituals in the world until politics come up. A unknowing passer by couldn't tell a worldly person from the spiritual one. Saved by Grace then it is time to go to Work. Our Works are the only thing that follow us into the presence of God. Can You imagine being a slave on a plantation that had a D or an R over the main entrance?It matters not as a slave,the objective is freedom.Bondage is in the idol worship arguing the difference between the two.

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