Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who's Image is on it?

For several months now I have gotten frustrated when hearing a politician talk about how much a tax break will cost. My mind says if a person earns money then it belongs to the wage earner. Not so. I also have a difficult time understanding why the Churches remain silent on tax issues. The tax is bondage for America as a whole.The Church seem to think that no matter what the Gov. does they still want that Tithe. Because of their silence they eventually will go bankrupt. In 1Sam.8 we were warned that a lot of negatives come with having Your own King. He will take from You the best-including Your worship.I am sadden to report that many Sheppard's lead their Flocks into Idol worship.Ez.chaps. 8 and 9 deals with the Priest worshipping false Idols in secret.God saw then and now what we are doing.It is clear to me that judgement is underway all around us.In Exodus God was very specific about The Passover. It is also true today.Want to live follow the Word specifically, otherwise it will cost lives.Let us stop quibbling over things that don't matter or that can never be ours.If You possess a "green back" look at it closely. You are only the bearer of it.You can Never own it,so stop worshipping it.Mathew22:20-render unto Caesars what is his,and God what is God's.

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