Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Really Dislike Democrats.

I usually clear up this statement in the end,but I must immediately address this. I Do Not think to much more highly of Republicans either. Over the past 35 yrs. I feel more and more like a misfit when it comes to my beliefs,especially my faith. Current events don't appear current. It is as if this movie is a re-run that has been seen several times.The system is designed to make viewers believe that the "butler" did it,when we have seen through the deception and know that the butler did not do it.I despise Parties because if one denounces a Party, it is automatically assumed that you are in the other one. My Party: Jesus is Lord of everything. If the Holy Spirit direct me to vote for what appears to not be a viable candidate, then that is the way I vote. Because Jesus is Lord inside the voting booth as well. This week my Bible study has been focused on The Epistles of John. It is Good Meat, but for mature Christians only. There are some Preachers that should read and Do what it says or walk away.1 John 2:3.The test of do we know Christ is Do We Keep His Commandments.1John 2:15. Love Not The World. Or The Things Of The World. This deals with lusting after things that are connected to flesh/Satan.There are two Kingdoms at play here.

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