Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is The Black Church Dead ? pt. 2 of 2.

The IRS was created to redistribute wealth and they lured the Leaders in the Church into their snare and the followers continued to be taught socialism principles. The leaders strayed. eventually many fell. The King James Bible went by the wayside and many Leaders begin teaching from "Children Bibles". We were forewarned of an Apostasy but thought it would be the flock falling away. We see now that it is the Pastors that are falling.You know they are in trouble when there is no difference between the Pastor and the "World". Christ teaches that man can not love two masters. The Epistles of John says We are not to love the World. Many Churches are all about flesh which represents the World. Often another sign is the Pastor wearing a Star of David necklace or flying a Star of David Flag. This represents deception because there is no such thing.What happen to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Because of this lie the people are lead into Idol Worship and eventually to The Anti-Christ. Much of the violence in the Black Community is a result of Idol Worship by our Leaders and judgement on the people. The curse of 1 Sam.8 is indeed upon us and Pastors don't have a clue. The Church is on life support awaiting a 'time of death'.

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