Saturday, January 1, 2011

Remember Whom You Are Fighting.

Have you ever heard the phrase, debase and dehumanise? It was a tactic used during slavery in America. I am reading David Barton's book, History in Black and White. I highly recommend the book. Mr. Barton reminded me that the African slave trade was started by Muslims. Other history books shows that different groups or villages fought with one another and the loser went into servitude, or was sold into the slave trade. In America there remains a political party that refuse to sign the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence because slavery was to be abolished. Their paper work Succeeding from America into their own Nation says that they would keep the Southern States slave states. Their mind set has not changed-they remain slave minded in 2011.Richard Pryor said in the early 1970s that Hispanics were to be the "new Negros".Anything to to with life or death matters they continuously chose death.There has been strife between Christians and Muslims going back to Issac and Ishmael,who could not get along as kids and half brothers.The intent is to increase the strife in America and let the two fight it out.Ever wonder why this Administration is always on the wrong side of America? Remember Ephes.6:12.

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