Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rock.

I remember some 35 yrs. ago, as a Paratrooper flying back to North Carolina from Texas. Hours into the flight the pilot came on and said one of the four C130 engines had shut down. Sit down and buckle up for an emergency landing. What do I remember most about this incident? Nobody resisted sound advice. Nobody argued with the pilot. Nobody attempted to assess blame. My thoughts at the time was let us get this puppy on the ground and fixed. I think it would have been wrong for the pilot to lie to us or not warn us of a possible ruff landing. We didn't know it at the time but a c130 could safely land on one engine. Where is this going? The world is facing turbulence in 2011-2012. We need the truth so we can assess where we are. Man vocations require a prepare to land attitude. Let us seek the truth and listen to only Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding from Jehovah = Christ Jesus. The Judgement of God has been a continuous occurrence because of rebellion. We are admonished to always build on a firm foundation, which is The Rock. Jesus is The Rock.

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