Saturday, January 22, 2011


Recent world events are demanding attention. Earthquakes in different parts of the world. Especially in the oceans. Floods. Insects. Dead birds by the millions. What meanest thou? Labor pains. Al Gore had one college science class and it profited almost a billion dollars. To obtain my B.S. degree I had to take a minimum of five science courses. As Christians we are to be aware of those seeking to make merchandise of us. The end of Rom. 1 speaks of those who worship the creation instead of The Creator. The environmentalist appear not to be concerned of the affect that abuses are having on people. Knowledge of the Truth will keep us free. My hero, Harriet Tubman [ Please google ] stated that "there was one or two things I had a right to. Liberty or death. If I could not have one-I would have the other". As we look and observe signs let us remember Daniel 7:25. Think to change times and Laws. This to me is replacing the Word of God with children books. Changing History. What is the Key of David? God locked something really important behind a door,that can not be changed. What about the Passover and the Sabbath. Not knowing the Truth is a serious sign that we were forewarned against-called deception.

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