Monday, February 28, 2011

The 10 Commandments

Several times over the past five years I have seen people identify themselves as believers, yet not know most of the 10 Commandments. Some were ask if they could say all 10, then 5, then do you know any of them. Believers must do better, especially now and over the next two years. If I don't know the Truth, any lie will do. Not only should we know them but should walk them everyday, and understand them. The First five keeps us in a Right standing relationship with Jehovah Elohim = Christ Jesus. The Second five keeps us in a Right standing relationship with people. The #5 also represent Grace. God knows the heart and mind of people-He knows when we try to do Right and fall short and enters Grace into the mixture. Jesus was ask to summarize them, and responded You should Love the Lord Your God with all Your mind,soul,and strength. This covers the First 5. The Second given by Jesus was, Love Your neighbor as Yourself. This covers the Second 5. Also I remind You that Your neighbors are where ever You are at that time and place. The Commandments are alive in 2011, because Jesus said Blessed are they that know and do them.

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