Monday, February 21, 2011

Additional Marks.

Apostle John says If a person that knows, will not confess the Truth is an Antichrist. In 2011 there are people in our midst who will not confess that Christ Jesus is the Living God. Some have actually stolen the Passover of Jehovah, and made it a something else Passover. Cain was a child of Satan. He was marked for us to recognize and stay clear of. His descendants can not farm. In the Old Testament they wonder and live in tents. In Jeremiah, God attempts a relationship with the Rechabites [ Kenites ] and offered them wine. The wine was offered in The Lords House, by Priest. The Rechabites refused, stating "we will drink no wine, nor our sons forever. There are people that are not headed down the same path in life that we as Christians are going.We must get rid of the Secular Humanism and follow the direction of Jehovah Elohim = Christ Jesus in order to be in a Right standing relationship with Him. The thief slipped in during the night ever so subtly. The light has to shin and disinfect. We as believers have no business following nonbelievers anywhere. They refuse Communion with the Lord forever.

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