Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today I read in Fox Nation an article titled Santorum: Left hates Christendom. First off I do not writing or speaking left and right. I continue to ask the question - As a slave on a plantation what does it matter if the entrance has D or R on it? Jesus did not come to get the captives partially free. A totally free man is free in the mind. Free the mind and the a.. will follow. I believe that there is a wicked movement that could have infected either party, but chose mainly the Democratic party. Through osmosis some are also in the Republican party. These people are in fact Anti-American and Anti-Christ. When Mr. Santorum stated that they hate western civilization at its core, He is correct. As Christens we mus be very, very careful about our silence. Let us not wait for evil to show up on our street before speaking out. Just in case You needed it to be said We Are The Fig Tree Generation. The bad figs and their followers are unable to be satisfied with their lot in life. They must continue to have everyone in the sad shape that rebellion has given them. Please be aware and leave them alone. We have all we need to be in Right Standing with The Father through our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.

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