Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Discerning the Times.

In Eccl. The King says that there is not anything new under the sun. We are to learn from history and from our fore-fathers. Kingdoms that 'eat' their own people do not last. When God states for us not to kill the righteous or the innocent He meant it. Last week the U.S.Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood. This is great. On Fox Nation 2/22/11 Joy Behar made this statement : Pro-Lifers are Evil and Immoral and Unethical and Stupid. I cannot respond to Fox Nation, but will say that this statement is consistent  for a Child/follower of Cain. The M.O. is rebellion. This is the 'Knowledge' by the king of 'Knowledge' of good or evil. The followers feel more intelligent because they are. These Know but reject the Truth. Satan and His followers have indeed sped up their wickedness. Please don't get caught up in their mess. 2 Thes.2 says that for those who reject the Love of the Truth, God would send a strong delusion to them. Their deception would increase. Remember people like J. B. consider themselves to be gods, and the rest of us are idiots. There Father will indeed be here on earth on the 6 trump. Let us remain faithful until the 7th. trump.

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