Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Follow Christ.

The Word is full of instructions, and directions. If one is observant for more than a minute, a reasonable discerning person can tell if a tree is good or bad. Fruit will come. Harvest time should be a time of joy and smiles. After God gives specific details on what is required to be in a right standing relationship with Him, we make a choice. Satan's rebellion got him a quick exit from Heaven. The same for Cain. Those that intentionally decide to rebel against Jehovah Elohim will not be tolerated, and will not last. Jesus said Blessed are those that Hear and Do. If You love Me, Keep My Commandments. Apostle Paul says Follow Me as I follow Christ Jesus. My prayer this day is that people who do not know who Jesus Christ is will get a Revelation of Him. For those who know Who Jesus Christ is will get a fresh glimpse of Him today. A fresh Word, a confirmation, a healing. For those praying Lord I need You to show up or please get in the middle of this fight, I Pray that God's Will is done. Amen.

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