Monday, February 14, 2011

The Good and the Bad Figs.

I was reading comments on Fox Nation, and Opinions concerning if the Pres. is a Christian or not. There was a poll last week about priorities in the U.S. I believe morality was third or fourth on the list. When reading trifling subjects it is difficult for me to respond, because of my frustration. The Word tells how to pick leaders. When there is a shortage, or they are young and immature it means Judgement is upon the land. We are admonished to be 'wise and meek'. When the opposite is displayed it could mean Trouble. When Jesus said learn the parable of the Fig Tree, He meant just that - learn it. If a person ask me to teach them to divide, yet they do not know or are they interested in learning adding and subtracting it would be next to impossible. We must know that Eve bore twins-Cain and Able. Red Hairy and out of control was Cain. His Father is Satan, and Cain's Descendants are on the earth today. The 'Bad Figs in Jeremiah 24:1-10. The Ones who plotted to destroy Jesus. The parable of the wheat and the tares. This was what Jesus was talking about when He said "want to know if a tree is good or bad, look at the fruit that it bears". Stop listening to speech and look for the fruit. The World must wake completely up.

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