Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kingdom = A King's Domain

Have You ever noticed that there can only be one King per domain? That is the very reason Jesus had to leave. He showed us how to kick Satan's donkey and how to retain the "Keys" to the Kingdom and He had to leave. I was taught a long time ago that anything with more than one head is a freak. And so it is. The Kingdom is full of everything that one needs. The peace that allowed Jesus to sleep in the mist of a storm. The authority to speak to nature. Everything. I am reminded of Esau and Israel meeting for the first time in years. Israel presented Esau with gifts; Esau said I have enough. Israel responded - I have it all. God takes care of it all so that we will take care of the needs of others. Pressed down shaken together shall 'man' give into your bosom. In the Kingdom things flow down. Its a matter of positioning or re-positioning oneself. During this time of worldly unrest, people should be looking at Christians for examples and the Answer. Please let them find Christ in us. What is the Kingdom? A King and His Dominion. I declare where ever I am to be Holy ground. I declare it to be a Holy Christian Nation.

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