Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mark of the Beast.

In Genesis God Commanded the Man Adam not to touch Satan. Touch means to be intimate or to lie with as a woman. Satan basically called God a Lie while talking with Eve. Satan told Eve that Her eyes would be open which was another lie. The word meant just the opposite of open. Most under- grad programs are 'Liberal Arts'. They are to teach us how to be free thinkers. Their belief is that a person is a free thinker and free, or not a free thinker and a slave. This doctrine is founded in the Garden. As followers of Christ we are to be very careful of deception. Often it is subtle and is a slow process. Often the victim doesn't even know that they have been deceived. People in 2011 are keenly aware of some type of implant in the hand or forehead-which is deception. They are unaware of the green stuff in their purse or wallet which is worthless. The # 6 is the number for man, and deception. More than one means it is multiplied. In Rev. the 666 means viles, trumps,plagues.Those that are not in the Kingdom of Heaven are being controlled. They believe that they have freedom of choice, not realizing that the choices are being controlled. Central Bankers are a Mark. Preachers intentionally lying about the Word is a Mark, among many others. DECEPTION.

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