Friday, February 25, 2011

The Media

Because its in our interest to do so, we should attempt to know what is going on in the world, and keep up with current events. I believe that a large variety is the way to go. As a Christian I must understand that most Owners and leaders in the Media are Not Christian and do not share my beliefs or opinions. Most have subtle messages and attempt to make a point in the reporting of events. They pick and choose what they deem to be worthy.Many simply copy other agencies or report from pools or A.P. I am a little frustrated with their formats, but I am really frustrated by viewers who have made these organizations a god. I read blogs and responses to articles and can not bring myself to respond to the responses. Exactly what the people behind the scenes we attempting to do appears accomplished. G.B. is my favorite program because He is out of the box. Agree or disagree I am drawn to out of the box thinkers. He admonishes viewers to do their own home work and not to trust him. That is sound advice for us all. Remember an Idol replaces Jesus Christ, so let us all be careful of who we spend the most time with, or talking about. Let us spend a little more time with our neighbors and less with the media,which is an idiot box with a cause.

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