Friday, February 25, 2011

No No

On this Home page there is an article that made National headlines. A town hall meeting held by a U.S.Representative was ask about shooting the President of the United States. That is a No No. This remind me of the soldier who reported to David that He assisted King Saul in self murder. David said you did what? After hearing the story told again David ordered the soldier be put to death. I have stated over and over that President Obama is on assignment. Don't touch Him. He will require Children to chose their Fathers. Non of us will be able to pass or sit this one out. Let us not fall victim to the old tactic of divide and conquer. And no matter what happens over the next two years that our hands are free of blood. Christ Jesus is in Charge and did not ask our assistance. 1 Sam. 8 the people requested and received a King. That is what happen in 2008. The people voted flesh and He represents the King of flesh - the world. I speak from experience, it is difficult to pray daily for Someone who opposes my beliefs. This is what separate babes and mature Saints. Remember Eph. 6, who we are fighting, stand fast, and remain faithful.

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