Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pinch Yourself.

Anyone that is alive and paying half attention can tell that something is going on in the world. Lots of activity, and prophetic reality taking place right before our eyes. Jesus said these are 'labor pains'. I remind You to be very careful not to fall into temptation or be deceived. There are in fact many little Antichrist present and quite active. Christ Jesus will Not return until after the Great Man of sin has been revealed = attempting to convince people that He is the Saviour. Anytime between now and the Great Man of sin if You are uncertain of events just pinch Yourself. If You feel pain then Christ Jesus is Not here. When Christ return we all will be converted to the same Spiritual Body that He has. His Temple will be here on earth and so will we be. Any other version is " secular humanism " and not found in the Word .

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