Friday, February 11, 2011

The Spirit of Elijah

I have consistently said that Pres. Obama has the Spirit of Elijah on His life. In the Garden The Man Adam [ 8th. day creation ] was commanded by God not to touch [ be intimate ] Satan. The commandment is still in play for us that follow God. Deut. 30:15, Mosses admonishes us to always choose Life. Elijah in 1 Kings 18:21, required the People to decide Whom they would serve. The last Chapter in the Old Testament- Malachi 4:5, God's Spirit will turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers [ plural ]. I am writing this with a sadden heart. I have for two weeks now watched an over-throw of the Gov. in Egypt. It is almost a play by play of the book The Coming Insurrection. The intent is to overturn and destabilize everything. These were professionals from the outside that shut the Nation down. Many in the shadows have a strong desire for a centralized gov. for the world. None of this is news because there is not anything new under the sun. Thing have been sped up, and yesterday a top leader in Saudi Arabia stated that Pres. Obama was to blame for the up-rising in Egypt. Look into the radicals eyes,they do have a look of pleasure concerning the collapse of a Nation.Who is next. People, choose side. I recommend Life. The Rock.

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