Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time Does Not Matter.

Yesterday I spent the day 'working' on family property. Cutting and tilling and preparing to plant 300 blueberry plants. One of my previous blogs was on the difference between employment and work. The gist is work shows or is connected to ownership. I noticed an interesting fact yesterday. I have watches, time pieces, clocks, time on my cell phone. When working in the field Time did not matter. I went into the field to accomplish an objective, and would accomplish the mission. Not only did I not look but I did not have any interest in the time of day. Farmers [ not me ] know the importance of seasons. I was reminded of Jesus saying once You put Your hand to the plow, You are unworthy if You look back. I tried my level best to get the rows/seed bed straight-one must pick out a distant point and stay focused ahead. I also had to stay in the Now. Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for....Working with equipment demands attention. Bottom line; When You are where You are supposed to be - Time does not matter.

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