Monday, February 7, 2011

Whose Side?

In Joshua 5:17, Joshua approaches a Warrior who was standing on the river bank. Most of us would have taken one look at this large Warrior and would have gone the other way. I probably could have pretended that I didn't see anything. Joshua was a warrior Himself. He understood authority and was submitted to authority. He had been loyal to Mosses till death. He had been One of the Twelve sent to spy out the land. Ten of the twelve reported many giants in the land. Joshua and Caleb were adamant in taking the land. Joshua understood that when one is on The Lord's side, they are the majority. A Man of faith, a man of His word, a man of action. A type of Christ. Joshua approached the Warrior and ask - Are You for us or against us? The Lord answered " Nay ". In the Strong's Concordance this Word in Hebrew means = neither. I am reminded that if I desire true success, then I must get on The Lords side. He cannot fail and will not allow You to fail.

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