Sunday, February 13, 2011


My youngest, who has just about finished His third year at Albany State University, called home Friday. He was all amped up because He challenged a visiting Professor who was hell bent on indoctrination vs. teaching how to think. How to analyze, contextualize, critical thinking. In science, how to form an opinion, hypothesis, a theory, a fact. My son did not fall far from the tree. When I was a child, I question everything. My Mother reported to my Father once, that I was the most disrespectful child that they had [7 children]. Today that is proven to be a gift and a compliment. In my opinion adults should never stop asking why. A child can run with a why for days. In our minds keep asking. I also loved to read to the point that I would collect books-without permission of the rightful owner. When people question Christ Jesus, He often responded; Have You not read. Sheep nor slaves are interested in the why or books. On the plantations it is forbidden to teach reading.Even in 2011 Elites desire to control people by  controlling their ability to communicate with each other. My son felt that He did not have anyone else to share His excitement with, so He called home. This is the reason graduates can do little more than teach or preach. Why?

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    Thanks for teaching me to think for myself and continue asking Why. I mean, Why wouldn't I?