Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Gifts.

The world weapon against Followers of Christ is to separate and divide us one from another. What are Your gifts? How about Your spouse, and children, or neighbors? Unknown Auth; Six blind  men went to "see" an elephant. One felt the side and said an elephant is like a wall. The next felt the tusk and claimed an elephant is like a spear. The third felt the trunk and liken it to a snake. The fourth felt a leg and said an elephant is like a tree. The fifth, touching an ear, declared an elephant is like a fan. The six felt the tail and insisted an elephant is like a rope. No one was altogether right, yet neither was he entirely wrong. The average follower in the Body of Christ have a gifts. Most have the Gift of Servant hood. This is a very good way to get closer to Christ - pick up the Towel of a Servant. Remember the jails, hungry, homeless. We cannot delegate these responsibilities to others and Say that Christ knows us. Our problems get smaller the more we come out of ourselves. Only when the six blind men put all of their pieces together could they see the complete picture. It wasn't me who said "It is not good for mankind to be alone". The body has many parts; Join or die.

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