Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your Struggle.

Today while working out at the gym, I listen to endless complaints about life. Many were complaints about society ills and corrupt leaders. Although I am considered to be one of the most opinionated people that I know of, today I listen. I didn't offer anything but two ears and my attention. All of the complaint are grounded in the flesh. Below the flesh was a problem in the Spiritual relm. We are witnessing plagues and curses. I have compassion but the world problems are the world problems. The Word says we are to walk by Faith and not by sight. All of our 5 senses are connected to the world/flesh. We must be able to discerne what is taking place. Around the world we must be grounded on The Rock. Trouble is a promise that can not be avoided. As Saints we will not be consummed. Knowing what is happening and why gives peace in the storm. Our struggle - keep the Faith, continue in obediance to the Word, and be busy doing the Word. Our struggle is diametrically oposed to the worlds struggle; Jesus said His Yoke is easy. If You have been struggling, it is over. The struggle is over for You.

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