Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Act of God ?

Last month I was ask the question, if I thought Katrina in the Gulf was God Speaking? Today the media as usual is looking to blame something or someone for the crisis in Japan, so they are asking the same question again. I often see people speeding ahead even with many warning signs stating "lane ends ahead". What are people thinking? The sign doesn't know who I am. Or the sign will change its mine the closer I get to the end. People have a choice to build a house in a flood plain or a drained swamp, or near a fault line, or not. When Jesus turn the two lights [sun and moon ] specific laws begin;specifically the law of gravity. Any Pastor that says that we are no longer under the Law is suicidal. Let us stop looking to point fingers-especially in a crisis, and turn away from being educated by the media.

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