Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Box.

Once upon a time schools actually educated student. The encouraged thinkers. Find the subject, and objective. Critical thinking is frown on. I have mention before that I am drawn to people like G. Beck because He thinks outside of the box. I get outside of the box because of answers. Where are we today in the Word? What is happening and why, whose involved and how? Everyone knows that water on the inside of the boat is what sinks the boat, so I look for answers. As in Daniel, America's party was in the 1990s while the enemy was at the gate. We became fat off of fluff and fiat. Now the enemy is on the inside of the gate with the aspiration of de-struction for America. In Daniel 4:30 The King uses I and Me several times, which indicates pride. In Daniel 4:32 God ruleth the Kingdom of men, and givieth it to whomever He will. In Daniel 5:31 King Belshazzar was slain. Oh yea, the Box. Knowledge and Wisdom are important-in all Your getting get Understanding. Don't allow anyone or thing to hem You up in a little box. We must see the Big picture. If You cant do it then stick very closely to someone who can. Jesus said " I have told You Everything " and He has.

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